Thursday, May 24, 2012

REDUX: Mass Surveillance of Occupy Movements, RFID News and more DRONES

BTC - Is your State or City approved for UAV drones? If so there's more you can do about it than you may have thought!

" Does your local police department own and operate a drone? 
EFF would also like your help. In the coming days, we’re going to announce a crowd-sourcing campaign aimed at finding out as much information as possible on each law enforcement agency’s use of drones and how citizens can voice their concerns to their local governments. 
Right now, if you have any information on how your local law enforcement plans to use drones, email 
You can get this information by calling your local police department."
SEE ALSO: EFF issues appeal/lawsuit to local governments to institute privacy protections

Here is second life for news that matters: 

The US Government Is Running A Massive Spy Campaign On Occupy Wall Street
Commentary: Mass Surveillance: No Need for Debate?

Florida Congressman Demands Gov. Rick Scott "Immediately Suspend" Voter Purge

MAP: Where E-Verify is currently mandatory or not-so mandatory

CDS Monarch adds biometric authentication to electronic medical record access

Social Security Administration adds Precise ID authentication to online statements (NSTIC)

RFID enables brands to link users' real-life experiences with Facebook (NSTIC)

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