Thursday, May 10, 2012

White House includes NSTIC defunding as reason for veto threat

c/o FierceGovernmentIT
"House appropriators voted to give the program no new money at all, stating in a report accompanying their bill that NIST won't be able to obligate funding for NSTIC pilots until the end of this fiscal year. Senate appropriators would give NSTIC its requested $24 million."
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Is NSTIC Silicon Valley's way to seduce government out of longterm considerations for Big Data's commercial dragnets and privacy issues attached to federated digital ID? Is funding NSTIC a way to portray government as a open marginal stakeholder in a massive comprehensive public-private infrastructure build online?

Facebook, Microsoft and Google are all data brokers with federal contracts. Facebook is certainly arrogant enough to have said they aspire to "be the web".

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