Tuesday, June 12, 2012

REDUX: FAUX ID plans fails Real ID, Immigration stunts & Gitmo Revelations


"Anyone with an Internet connection and $75 to $200 can order their personalized ID card online from such companies as "ID Chief." Buyers pick the state, address, name and send in a scanned photo and signature to complete their profile." 

Here is second life for news that matters: 

Privacy by Design in the era of Big Data 

Ancestry.com gets freaky with a little DNA and some Big Data 

New Joint Panel to Identify Interoperability Issues in Biometric Systems

AP sues NJ police department over Muslim spy data

6 Government[Data] Surveillance Programs Designed to Watch What You Do Online

FTC fines Spokeo for being data brokerage bastards

Why the “Munaf Sequels” Matter: A Primer on FARRA, REAL ID, and the Role of the Courts in Transfer/Extradition Cases

Guantanamo Attorney: Supreme Court's Refusal to Hear Habeas Cases Invalidates Landmark 2008 Ruling

More towards American Foreign Information policy: TruthDig: Leaking War 
NPR's Foreign Policy: Good Leak, Bad Leak & Performance Art c/o BradAss87

NO2iD - "So much for civil liberties – coalition puts ‘a bug in every living room"

Federalist Conference Call on CISPA - [It's like CSPAN debate as radio news, 55 minutes]

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