Wednesday, September 19, 2012

REDUX: Store and deliver, governments tell web firms

Abby Martin asks the tough questions
BTC - We want to endorse RT's "Breaking The Set", with an honorable mention for porting underreported privacy and identity news.

Abby Martin, the news show's producer and host, is on the Board of Director's at Project Censored. Project Censored supports outing Real ID and national identity schemes as underreported or treated as managed news by Mainstream Media.

WATCH: RFID Tracking Kids, Citizen Journalism, Occupy Movement

For those with news interests in privacy, identity and technology, Abby Martin's reporting at "Breaking The Set" is one to watch.

Here is second life for news that matters.

ON REAL ID: A REAL hassle posted in the Panama City, FL News Herald

ON NextGen ID, Trapwire: FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI) Program Uses Facial Recognition, Iris Scanning, DNA and Voice Id

"Store and deliver", governments tell web firms 

U.S. spies press for renewal of broad electronic surveillance law

DHS Gets Public Comment, Whether It Wants It Or Not


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