Wednesday, November 14, 2012

REDUX: Petraeus, Petraeus..CIA, FBI, surveillance state betrayed us

Here is second life for news that matters.

Yes, the FBI and CIA can read your email. Here's how

@ZDnet "Petraeus-gate," some U.S. pundits are calling it. How significant is it that even the head of the CIA can have his emails read by an albeit friendly domestic intelligence agency, which can lead to his resignation and global, and very public humiliation? Here's how."
FBI's abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal needing investigation - Glenn Greenwald

More at 50 Shades of CIA 


Shifting Mood May End Blank Check for U.S. Security Efforts

ABOVE THE FOLD @FreedomsPhoenix - Kantara floats voluntary-compulsory authentication for social safety nets

MINORITY REPORT at NYtimes "When a Palm Reader Knows More than Your Life Line"

GPS jamming, spoofing pose dilemmas for criminal justice system and beyond

WATCHER WATCHING "It Isn’t a Crime When the Government Does It"

PAPER: The Foucaldian War on the Citizen : The Nature of the Execution of Political Power in the Post-Democratic Era. 

After Decade Long Campaign, Federal Whistleblower Bill Sent to President’s Desk

US PIRG calls out "mandatory practices" in use of federal branded debit cards in Student disbursements

The Places Where Obama’s Drones Are Striking

DIY Government - Ban Weaponized Drones from the World

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