Monday, November 19, 2012

Student media special - An 8bit surprise for NISD

Telling NISD the game is SO not over

BTC -   A new student campaign graphic is available for students who want to wear this at school on anything.

The BTC version: 

The anonymous version: 

Here's some every day guerilla promo suggestions for the long haul:
  • Wheatpaste the sh*t out of this on and off campus at door posts on big posters
  • Make a T-shirt and sell it to support legal defense (or just look cool)
  • Make buttons
  • Add this onto organizer meeting and general information flyers for students
  • Transfer it to your cars on magnets
  • Get 1000 of these stickers printed and sell them for a 1$ to support your legal defense OR just get some sticker paper and DIY.
  • Add it to student petition forms.
  • Add it an HTML banner to your social media and websites. 

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