Saturday, December 22, 2012

REDUX: Biometric profiling & You

5 programs break down the elements of an identity ecosystem 
"Motor vehicle departments were not originally intended to be in the identity business and drivers’ licenses were not intended for use as identification. But drivers’ licenses have evolved into de facto government IDs, and DMVs have become the first line of government identity proofing. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ Cross-Sector Digital Identity Initiative will try to leverage that expertise with a framework to enable the secure exchange and verification of identity data. [Another North American ID database for ad hoc brokerage, this time online.]
“The whole concept of electronic IDs is a paradigm shift” for DMVs, said AAMVA’s director of ID standards, Geoff Slagle. It potentially enables DMVs to become third-party sources for verifying identity for online transactions. The organization’s program could use multiple sources of data to verify online identity."
BTC ADVISORY - This article never mentions the word "biometrics" once during the entire account. Biometric identifiers still play a well monied role in NSTIC's cross platform credentialling systems. They also never mentioned the law or policy that graduated a State drivers license to a "de facto government ID". The writer may have self censored, a little. It's fairly omerta these days to bring up the embarassing policy failure of a national ID program after Americans excoriated it by name: REAL ID. Real ID flatlined again for buy in with States as a flyer permit Wednesday. The Cross Sector Digital Identity Initiative is adapting some Real ID regulations for port on smartphones and the Internet.

To date, there has been little press recognition that NSTIC, in it's gestational pilot pouch stage, poses as much immediate threat compared to the deadlines forced onto States '08. There has been a problem articulating the ways and means of this White House Administration's sympatico project with the US Chamber of Commerce as well as how this falls under public oversight and what it is, exactly.

Earlier this year, we called out the IDESG, a group given some oversight powers to these 5 pilot programs, for it inability to reign in an AAMVA's bid to implement an online ID program.  They feigned knowledge and responsibility for the program, while being responsible for what it produces.  The individual user is not advised to lend consent to an Identity Ecosystem port or any modernized, incremental public ID program with voluntary compulsory notes. Whether it's student institutions, health and human services, immunizations, voting, public welfare programs or licenses multi-purposed for web log ins, don't be confused into volunteering up to build a transactional dossier for yourself.  [And get off Instagram/Facebook. Yesterday.]


Maryland school district quits out of biometric lunch program

About those TSA flyer rules and Real ID....

RE: TSA's New 'Compliant ID' Rules Already Causing Confusion

Here is second life for news that matters:

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