Sunday, February 24, 2013

OPINION: "Obamacare RFID Chip Implant Law Is Disinfo"

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BY JESSE HERMAN at The Natural Independent

The Affordable Health Care For America Act HR3200 (Obamacare) is rumored to include a RFID Chip Implant Law. On the face of things there is nothing to worry about because it is not required that American citizens get a microchip implanted in their bodies.

In the land of “Big Brother” monitoring and watching you there is could be reason to be perturbed by the HR3200 bill but it did not pass. The new bill, HR 3590, did pass and does not include the registry. Here is a glancing overview of the proposed law:

The law did not require anyone gets anything implanted[.]

A National registry of a range of medical devices for pacemakers and dental implants (and chips) was to be created This registry was going to monitor the safety and effectiveness The bill did not pass

Here [are] the exact details: SEC. 2521. NATIONAL MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTRY. [...] 
‘‘(g)(1) The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that—
‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and
‘‘(B) is—
‘‘(i) a class III device; or
‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining 

Class II devices could include implantable systems for patient identification and information but it can also include numerous other devices.

Many people in the ‘pro-monitor’ category have lashed out against conspiracy theorists how have run for the hills screaming ‘mark of the beast’. This is where the ‘natural’ crowd often gets typecast, with the assumption that those who oppose centralized integration of science and monitoring is regressive and must be attributed with deity worship.

While this may be true for many it is not the case for all. There is a growing movement who is resistant to the trans-humanistic collective that has spanned the globe. This may look like indigenous tribes throwing sticks at airplanes to some but it does balance nicely with human tradition in living within harmony of self. At the end of the day, does information really need to be collected at the national level. Even if the data was anonymous, which seems unlikely, privacy is a right especially when going to the doctor.

Data mining of any kind is big business. When someone collects data, whether it be through social media, phone numbers, emails or doctor visits rest assured there are profits tied in. It can be argued that these are natural pockets formed by the marketplace, which if true, would not require a nationalized registry.

Private companies can sell this information (and do) and as a paying customer clairvoyance on the matter should be addressed if the customer cares.

The conclusion: Conspiracy venues leveraged this story for their own benefit and turned it into scare porn. But at the end of the day, the objection to a law promoting centralized monitoring does have merit. —-

Jesse Herman is the Founder of The Natural Independent. His work has been seen on Huffington Post,,, and more. In addition to writing, he is a web developer and video producer.


Beat The Chip said...

I love the use of "scare porn" for Christians in your analogies here. It's something that hasn't really been said, at least out loud. After a while people catch on. There's a cult of RFID creepshow out there. There's a macabre fascination that draws the religious zealotry of Angel v. Demon in RFID bashing that's almost LARP worthy. We're talking comic book level nerddom of high high strange here. We've experimented with "what the kids want", gratifying some of the interests occasionally by posting video with nauseatingly disjointed logic, but never as analysis. Is it intellectually beneficial, not necessarily. Not everyone stops by for the Creature Feature of the week in our link theater either. That's why there's an idealogical extraction of Chip and national ID system. We try to keep the men and the boys separated. RFID is not always One Mainframe. When it is, we flag it. In the case of healthcare, we've complained about the database registry state being a great big tax sponsored honeypot. What's particularly troubling is that if you have ANY implant performed the government's going to want to 1) keep a tab 2) get a budget to keep the tab going. Which means if Jennifer Anniston gets "breast augmentation technology" in the future Obamacare is going to want to know. That's still an invasive overreach of the new healthcare State, but it's not the Marilyn Manson of Obamacare that RFID represents. So people lay prone the RFID attachment so the invasiveness of the devices and the policies gets the reputation they really do deserve. It's brazen politicization, I agree, but I'm not in charge of the "scare porn" constituency. We just show a creature feature now and then to try to keep them happy.

Jenny Brighton said...

Microchip Scanners works efficiently to search your missing microchipped pet, dog.

Beat The Chip said...

@ Brighton - I think RedDingo has some great non-cancer causing alternatives for pet owners v. RFID. There are plenty of people who object to the mandatory use of RFID in their animals by the State.