Sunday, February 3, 2013

To YouTube or Not to YouTube, that is the question ....

BTC - This weekend the Washington Post threw down a gauntlet by endorsing the Senate's national ID program embedded in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.  Russel Cavanaugh, a smart meter privacy activist, asked me about posting on YouTube. It was implied this is the continued press offensive line, just after dropping off a comment and posting it at Twitter.

Why am I not posting on YouTube? Good question. There obviously has been some hesitation about dumping my image in the public domain voluntarily.

I've decided to leave it up to you to choose the best answer.  I will respond to online polling. If you want YouTube delivery I will try to produce something worthwhile to your screens.  If you don't, I'll know that too, once you take this simple online poll.

<a href="" title="Will having a BeatTheChip YouTube channel improve my single-issue coverage?">Will having a BeatTheChip YouTube channel improve my single-issue coverage?</a>

Senate plan would give Napolitano the final say on border security

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