Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"[WaPo got it wrong] Why We Don’t Need a National ID Card"

BTC -- This is Tarun Wadhwa.  He's just new to us and really good at this.

Why We Don't Need a National ID Card  -

Here were my comments: 

"I don't quite agree with you on Homeland Security's actual competency on something as static as biometric identity. I don't think this entry fitfully explained why we should NOT get a NID system, as  towards the idea that it should be a national identity system that bears marked scale improvements. I don't think biometric identity is appropriate at the mass scale you describe here. India rejected is biometric authentication properties, even though it was committed in that direction. 
When India dumped the NCTC in December 2012, one of the most alarming problems for national security was that it didn't pass their standards was the authenticate use of biometrics as online identifiers. It was part scale, part problematic for the competency of institutional infrastructures. The main problem for India, was the fact that NATO and it's global partners were coached on how to be RFID and biometric business partners. 
This was so they could inject the identity hardware adoption not as general above board businesses, but as a government decision. This would lead to a comprehensive identity tackle for a global ID system, much like the one you describe in your TEDx discussion. I think its time for TEDx to probably give some stage play to the contrapositive argument, volleying both individual soverignty and sovereign state independence from NATO borne identity development schemes. Those are just my thoughts."

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