Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Missouri Lt Gov outs DMV use of Real ID database

Database funnelling information to DHS, increased inquiry of gun owners

BTC - According to the Lt. Gov Peter Kinder, a Missouri local applying to renew a license filed a complaint with the State Attorney general over a DMV request for information to forward to an external DHS database.  Missouri has a history opposing the Real ID Act.

Missouri has been one State among a recent spate of States confronted with more compliance on Real ID. Previous reports cite 25 State's laws or statutes  issuing policy bans to certifying licenses for federal purposes. CSDL, a Real ID regulation lobby, report compromises from State's who have refused to comply with the Real ID Act, like Alaska.  If true, at least some the situation appears to be a move independent from State government by DMVagencies fielding recommendations made by DHS and AAMVA.

[Special thanks to Tom Tisken, Twitter tipster @kd4wov]

National ID, By Itself, Violates Liberty

EVVE - "Closing the Gap on REAL ID: 48 of 56 Jurisdictions Have Digitized Vital Records" @ Center for Immigration Studies

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