Wednesday, March 27, 2013

REDUX: NSTIC national driver license database anchors in VA

"The DMV has entered the implementation stage of a multi-year identity management plan that starts with sharing authentication data across agencies so that citizens can log in once and access services across many agencies. 
In fact, the Virginia DMV efforts are a focal point of a $1.6 million NSTIC grant given to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) in September 2012 to work on a pilot. 
In addition, the program is targeted at gluing together state agencies, along with the Virginia Personal Identity Verification program for federal employees and contractors. And in alignment with the standards-based principles of NSTIC, the program will help support a trust framework with AAMVA, integration with other states via the State Identity and Credential Access Management (SICAM) architecture, and with agencies in Canada."

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Here is second life for news that matters: 

CALL OFF THE DOGs - Sniffing not allowed at homes without a warrant, ruled unconstitutional

BAD NEWS: UK Privacy Watchdog - At least for now, says "Right to be forgotten is unworkable"
BTC - Part of contingency planning is accepting reality, what you do on the web has a record. Depending on who gets it and what's done with it, you're probably oversharing right now.
Microsoft admits caving to unconstitutional National Security Letters issued by FBI 

Budget Cuts Hit E-Verify

"Free" National ID cards for returning South Sudanese

UAE "softens" national ID approach to include women in their dragnets

Missouri DOR Took DHS $ for Illegal Implementation of REAL ID Act How About Your State?

VICE Magazine expands it's snark attack to Real ID's "Mark of The Beast" constituency.
[BTC - Umm... not to "put your light under a bushel" but THANK GOD for VICE magazine. Perhaps it would be possible for Real ID, for once, to get coverage outside of the PTL crowd.  It's literally been impossible to work on this without getting the YES GAWD cheese on you.  The other news animals run from the scent.]

DIY Government

Tell Congress You Know They're Lying About Iran

GOT 2 PENNIES? Good.. Comment on TSA Strip-Search Machine Policy—And Attend CATO Event April 2nd

Tell Rep. Smith: Not another war with Iran

TRY SOMETHING NEW:  Mayor Bloomberg is promoting policies that are bad for domestic privacy rights concerning drones.  His attitude is "Meh. Surveillance has happened. Get used to it."  What does it matter that the Mayor of New York City doesn't care about his constituents privacy?  Mayors talk to each other.  New Yorkers who don't want drone surveillance have the same uphill climb as everyone else in the United States.  So why not try something new?

In states heavily attached and attracted to government increases like coastal cities, it's best to work with some regulatory infrastructure to try to import societal values which are being surpressed.  If there is a gathering of inspired vocal locals, constituents can manage typically passive-aggressive public safety committees enough to drive a vote on privacy, you have something to work with.  If not, you can still make strides in talks with local Councilmembers by watching out for key committee hearings.

TRY THIS:  Suggest to your local City Management and public safety committee officials that they conduct a moratorium on drone implementation until federal privacy impact assessments are concluded and public safety privacy guidance is issued.

Most drone programs are federally funded.  Unfortunately, the federal government hasn't considered the evolving impacts of privacy on constituents before presenting drone proposal projects.  Since drone privacy guidance is currently being discussed and reconciled in the Senate, it may be awhile before new privacy considerations are available.  This will buy you some time to draft better privacy guidelines to protect your city.

If the federal standards are inferior and will not protect constituents' privacy, locals have set a standard they can abritate on better terms for the "highest good".

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