Monday, April 8, 2013

Real ID's schizophrenic justification surfaces in Missouri

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Let’s see if we can summarize and overly-simplify the events leading up to today. For purposes of over-simplification, we’re skipping some things. 
Congress passed the Real ID Act in 2005. It went into effect in May, 2008. It was enacted when there was much concern about illegal immigration and the possibility that terrorists might be getting into this country too easily. Bush II was still in office. Our troops were in Iraq. Homeland Security was telling us the terrorist level was at yellow or red. TSA people at airports every day started confiscating thousands of little Swiss Army pocket knives that had toothpicks, tweezers and little bitty scissors in them. 
There are many words that can describe the Real ID Act and its implementation. Many of you probably have your favorites. Please do not tell us what they are in the “comments” section of this entry. This is a family publication.
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Mo. GOP pans Real ID passed by GOP in Washington

Real ID is ... A back door man.

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