Thursday, April 11, 2013

Welcome to the frog boil: "Non-citizen" drivers licenses & You

BTC Commentary-  Some people are finding it tougher and tougher to just let legal people, be legal. It's a fact, if you are a legal migrant, you are permitted to drive in this country.

Why the drivers license maintains some sort of canned heat for a Republican bureaucrat is not easily explained for being the party of smaller government.  It doesn't help that 4 out 5 Democrats will agree increasing drivers license accountability amplifies the role of government.

It's typically smaller government conservatives who have good things to say about decreasing the use of drivers licenses for EVERYTHING YOU DO NORMALLY.   Unless of course, you are Sen. Rand Paul, whose recent declarations at Howard University leeches the salt right out of claims to lessening the role of government.  Republicans love to smack an identity condition on anything considered a Human Right, like voting, using ye olde drivers license. The only people who have right to deny the endless grasping of the two partisan brothels, commonly known as "Congress" - are The People.

This is an imagined appropriations conversation between DHS Statespeople.
REPUBLICAN: "Just stick it on the drivers license and it will make everyone safer and keep the little people wary!" 
DEMOCRAT to Aide: "Go get my purse." *Clicks pen*

Unfortunately, drivers license challengers get thrown into the Gladiator ring right away, drawn against immigration and voting rights. The Established drag out that wretched old bag of worms where racism gets trotted around on a cart as an excuse to polarize voters. Sometimes it works.

Letting a drivers license run your life is midnight conjuring by today's beltway corporatist warlocks. They do it for themselves.

Most of us know we do not actually *need* any more identity. Conditioning mandate of identity is going to fast become a first world Human Rights conflict due to the direction drivers licenses and passports are headed in digital doctrine.

The misfortune comes when governments become the actors standing between what should be legal, accessible and normal for every human being.  It just so happens in our society they will often allow corporations be the indirect dispatch for dehumanizing practice. Otherwise it becomes cause for an institutional indictment that won't drive pro-government voters into the arms of the State.

Will it be enough to wait until they are out of borrowed money?

Read this story from Colorado on the future of "non-citizen" drivers licenses and choose your own adventure.  Will you suddenly be a non-citizen if you don't have a REAL ID: Old Lady, Enchanting Foreign Person with an Accent, Veteran or Refugee?

Does it bother you that one day a person making under $75,000 a year with a terrible haircut, a GS badge and bad breath is going to try to decide whether you get to stay a person with "adult priviledges" at the DMV?  While it's an insult to my humanity, but it is fast becoming the American way of life.

The enduring question I have for readers is do you trust this government with your private information?

Something happens every time I open my inbox. I discover at least 4 more new initiatives that make me wonder if my private letters and communications are filled with federal boring data weevils. The bad news is holding up the 4th Amendment and the Constitution is not enough to ward off these meddlesome "need to" creatures of The Agency.

It's not like you can simply, light up an old newspaper and smoke them out like normal pests. You can't call an Exterminator.  You can't deny them resources (taxes) because then they come down on you like the mafia.  You're forced to feed them.

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