Saturday, April 19, 2008

5-11: The Anti-Real ID Campaign

The 5-11 Campaign - a BeatTheChip action exclusive

For those getting a little green around the edges about Real ID's emminent domain on America, take heart in the fact that you are not without a recourse.

For every state like Idaho and Alaska, who fought and won their states private fight to go against Real ID, you may have a story like Maine's, where their fight for citizens with their birthrights in the US will have to show a birth certificate to get an ID.

South Carolina's Gov. Sanford, has become somewhat of a national governing spokesperson against Real ID in the delicate dance of power, freedom and securities negotiations. In US foriegn policy, the Oval office doesn't negotiate with terrorists. As US people how do we adopt a policy to not negotiate with fascists- whatever powerful masks they wear? It's never that simple, at least while the painted lines are still drying.

The pill we take every day as American's is in our choices. We create our own hope. Government is the art of set-up and tear down. It is very much a blue collar job with a lot of whitewash. The government needs people to do it's job. We need the governing people to do their job. Our responsibility to the globe has gotten as larger with the damaging tracks we leave when we permit commerce to lead over human rights. Activism is now in our living rooms.

Which brings me to post some important literature from activists in the fight against Real ID. You can print them out and present them to people you know in government. When the odds are tough, you get tough with oddness.,, 90.1 FM and Aaron Russo's Restore the Republic are teaming up to promote the new 5-11 Campaign. With documents like these we can move together to stop America from being the next nation to be biometrified, chipped, tagged and gagged in surveillance states like Cananda and the UK, in someone elses version of a One World Government.

Please visit this link to get started on documents you can send to your representative to stop your 5-11.

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