Friday, April 18, 2008

Real ID's Crisis of Constitutionality

Philidelphia is the birthplace of the Constitution, where Wednesday's Democratic debates took place on ABC. Both Clinton and Obama, democratic presidential hopefuls, voted in The Patriot Act and The Real ID Act of 2005-a very unpopular federal unfunded mandate passed to states which are now causing land rights infringements.

The local Pennsylvania bill HS 1351 opposes the Real ID Act, with 85 House Co-Sponsors and 16 Senate supporters. Teamsters are hot over the increase in costs over their commercial drivers licenses due to these two acts.

Lawsuits against the US Department of Homeland Security over section 102 of the Real ID Act of 2005 are headed for the Supreme Court. Real ID is at the center of class action lawsuits from landowners, tribal governments, environmental groups, civil liberties and privacy advocates. 36 federal laws have been waived at the discretion of DHS to run roughshod over wildlife preserves, native american lands and right through a few living rooms of border residents.

I reached out to Pennsylvania Real ID activists to get them to plug for their issue during Wednesday's debate on ABC. They hit the same stonewall I did - and many others who had massive Constitutional concerns that day. I reached George Stephanopolous's office and demanded that ABC not obscure the issues with distractions, a virtual plague on the democratic campaign. What can you expect when Bill Clinton's former press secretary is running the debates? The day of the debate the major networks were covering Obama cajolling Israeli special interests and our beloved Hapsburg, THE POPE.

All this in the face of the birthplace of our constitution.

Clinton's campaign could not be reached. The answer that reached me from Obama's camp came from a Texas delegate working in Philly. The answer was: shut up and vote democratic ; Obama's version of homeland security is final. After I burned her ears off that Real ID, myself and the million other Real ID opponents were not going away, she offered to "pass a note" to his hotel suite. How nice. I'm sure it would have been more effective however to give my message to one of his campaign advisors. You get what you get - I got a self important conservative democrat who more than likely voted for Bush in the last election, and believes she is paying party penance. She was still hawking 2004's election's Kerry flamer about "flip flopping"-as some sort of great answer to the absolute mistake of passing Real ID, a trojan horse inside of HR 1268 - tsunami relief and supplemental aid to troops. The other absolute mistake was voting in Dubya.

I am an American. I was born with Constitutional rights. I intend to die with the same rights I was born with. No unconstitutional law is legally enforcable.

Illegal enforceability results in cases like todays local dead gagged activist who was "found" by the FBI. His death is on their books as a suicide.

Here's to "shut up and vote democratic" :

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