Friday, April 18, 2008

Veritech Technologies Has It For Real ID: CA, MN

I find it odd that California and Minnesota have just become the new roosts for a tech company that wants to help out on Real ID. NKOTB: Vertitech and SCV Network of California? ~sniff sniff~ Can anyone smell a Conservative Democrat here?

"SCV Network of California is a wireless and mobile technology industry consulting and marketing organization that provides government and the private sector, solution services for wireless and mobile networks for delivery of VOIP, data, video streaming services and secure eCommerce applications. John Ramos, SCV Network President, said "We will be honored to exhibit and represent Veritec, Inc.'s identification and security solutions at the GTC West government technology conference on May 12-16, 2008 at the Sacramento Convention Center. Veritec's two-dimensional matrix coding technology is the ideal solution for secure mobile eCommerce and Real ID card applications. Based upon our research, we foresee a huge growth of secure Internet applications on hand-held Mobile Internet Devices (MID's) as consumers rely on them for voice, data and video applications, as well as conducting commerce, in the real and virtual worlds, with those mobile devices." ::FULL STORY HERE::

Don't forget there are privatized securities firms that still want to be in the business of your identity trade for "convenenience". I realize that we all have times that we have to just get through the day- but one weak move in this direction will cost you more than your freedom. Someone in India may be paid to trade your address and other private information, possibly by AAMVA, American Association for Vehicle Administrators ,a chief proponent of Real ID implmentation and funding declare themselves a "clearinghouse" for driver information.

For information on the other non-profit and private government contractors trying to get into the world trade of buying and selling your personal information e-mail :

Please do something today.

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