Thursday, May 15, 2008

5-11 Campaign Committee: Texans Against Real-ID

VIDEO ARCHIVE: The first 5-11 Campaign Comittee Meeting

After the meeting there was a Legislative Relations, Tracking and Documentation Subcommittee Meeting.  Contact for more information

NEW RULE:  If  an informal committee meeting is called, all formal committee meeting members must be notified of the meeting as scheduled by phone and e-mail.

To whom it may concern, an informal subcommittee meeting was informally called. Formal subcommittee members should contact John Weaver RE: notes for catch up.  E-mail for his contact. 

1) Someone willing to reinforce web construction and development of the 5-11 Web presence
2) Fundraising ideas and road ready implementation
3) Talk radio booking and press team developments

Thank you for your consistent interest in the 5-11 Committee Campaign: Texans Against Real ID

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