Friday, May 16, 2008

KCTV Cites Right To Fly Without ID

KCTV Producer Subject of ID Investigations :: FULL STORY::
BTC  Commentary:

Please read this story of brave investigative journalism.  They want you to know what it's like to stand up to the DHS if you don't have your ID when you need to fly.

I am very proud of the recent reporting of news from CSPAN and MSNBC and other news media.  It seems that the media is finding a way to get the truth out  in the face of corporate intimidation.  They are fighting for media reform from within and the news fruit we get to see is Carl Rove with nowhere to run in a Judiciary investigation of the political imprisonment of a former Alabama Governor on MSNBC. Rep. Robert Wexler, arched to impeach Bush and Cheney, Inc., was present to give his two cents on the issue.

The best news I've witnessed in over 5 years was seeing the testimonies of IVAW soldiers used to arrest military spending for Iraq and hearing operative words "US occupation" from the Winter Soldiers yesterday on CSPAN.  This is the beginning of the end of the Iraq war and hopefully the future prosecutions of high ranking officers whose treason against human rights and ethics have made America a lousy nation to be a part of.   We can begin to wipe the shame off of our faces and address the domestic homes left in a wreck.  Iraq and America may have more in common than you think. 

We both couldn't control the actions of George Bush.  It may be an awfully hard thing to admit.  We both lost our homes and the lives of our young people in the Iraq war over war and oil profiteering.  Most of all we lost our leadership as the "fair" U.N. nation where human and civil liberties are upheld due to the widespread use of torture and rendition. 

We became aware of our own shadow, part of our dark national identity casting corporate and cultural imperialism on sovereign nations who did little to provoke us other than have something a US corporate strongman wantedWe  lost our illusion of moral superiority. We lost our news integrity.  The US people lost their voice - we had been on mute for years in the midst of being told to shut up and to keep shopping or be considered on the side of the terrorists.  We questioned the reasoning of our government and now we are hearing our voices resounding clear as the bell of liberty ringing.

Our dollar doesn't go as far as it used to and hard times are here with us.   We lost ground in the battle to rescue the environment and outsourced American jobs.  We told American's they weren't worth the money because someone else could do their job for less: less human rights, less environmental regulations, less child labor laws, less hassle of trade regulations.  Americans children and pets were then victims of poisons.   

It would be  a very hard thing to admit that all of our problems started with our lack of vigilance with our governing authorities.  All we ever had to stand on is the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. No US President or Speaker of the House has the right to tell us their word is better than the invocation of the US Constitution.   We have a responsibility to the world to stop being a " bull in the China shop".  We are finally making the slow wieldy turn from our reckless ways.  We have to do it. Now that we are, maybe the world will understand how we can change.

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