Saturday, May 17, 2008


Real-ID Reality Check 
c/o  Jessica Lee Indypendent NYC &

"May 11 was supposed to the deadline for states to issue new national identification cards to comply with the Real ID Act of 2005.  The bill has struggled to gain support across the political spectrum and throughout state governments, however, forcing the federal government to backpedal on its deadline by granting extensions for compliance to 2010 or longer."  :: FULL STORY HERE::

5-11 Press Subcommittee Acknowledgements
We would like to recognize and thank WTPRN's Charlotte Brown and  Revere Radio Network's Guymon Adams for joining the 5-11 Public Affairs subcommittee. WTPRN/90.1's Wes Anderson donated ad time to the 5-11 Committee.  WTPRN/90.1 FM in Austin has given copious support of news outlet opportunities to tell listeners about the damage potential from Real ID's.  Thanks also to Leah Manners at KOOP for her support of news on this issue. Big thanks to Indymedia NYC's editorial team & Jessica Lee.  Anyone interested in seeing more broadcast, print or televised press committee opportunities please e-mail the 5-11 Campaign at: , with PRESS in the subject line.

Archived 5-11 Radio Appearances

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