Sunday, May 18, 2008


Texas Officials Sue US/DHS Over Border Fence 
05-16-08  c/o  Associated Press

WASHINGTON -Texas mayors and business leaders filed a class-action lawsuit Friday alleging Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff hoodwinked landowners into waiving their property rights for construction of a fence along the Mexican border.  :: FULL STORY HERE::

BEAT THE CHIP will be keeping close tabs on this border story.   Secretary Chertoff's "discretionary authority" to expedite construction of the Mexican border wall fence is rooted in Section 102 of the Real ID Act.    Please stay up to date on the Border Wall by subscribing to  http:// .


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kothjjh said...

If I could say maybe we should think out side the box of the Motor Vehicle
Act. If we read the Texas Constitution and the Constitution
of the United State of America.That is the Law . We dont have to take the Real ID there are and have been Common law the right to travel.
Why not ask the DMV officer :

what is the definition of "motor vehicle" in the act is it a full and complete definition?

Do the word The own must apply for create an obligation on my part?

Do the words The owner apply for create an obligation on your part to prove such an act took place before you can claim my "thing" is a motor vehicle?

Is there a section of the Motor Vehicle Act which clearly specifically and unequivocally removes my right to travel on a public highway in my own private conveyance?

Do you acknowledge that such a right, though not widely exercised still exist?

Are you as the priniciple obligated to inform your Agents as to their powers and the limits on their powers?

Is an act of Application required for me to register a motor vehicle?

Are you liable for the actions of your Agents in the performance of their duties?

Is a Drivers License a Contract?

Am I obligated to enter into a contract in order to exercise my rights?

When I exercise my right and an armed agent of yours stops me, do you realize that you are liable ?

Do you realize that being stopped by an armed man for no other reason than exercising a right is a violation of my human rights ?

If they cant get money to pay back the big bill of Real ID, what do you think they will do.
If I cant mail a letter as I dont have a Real Id then thats more money to UPS .
If I cant go to the National park then where will they get there money for it.

They put these rules and that is what they are rules not Laws they are given the power of Law.

If you think this is all BS then please look at think free be free do a google.
We in America and Canada have the same base of laws Common Law . and we dont even use it why. wht do we fight there rules when we have Law over them.
if any one would like to talk to me about this please email me at I have been looking and reading the Law and more for 4 years.