Tuesday, June 24, 2008


US Supreme Court Shuts Out Environmental Contingency

"We will not sit idly by while our property is seized by the federal government to build an expedient but useless, expensive and potentially damaging wall across the Texas-Mexico border," said coalition president Chad Foster, mayor of Eagle Pass.  "We are determined to stop Secretary Chertoff from acting as if he is above the law."

Texas, USA - Apparently Supreme Court justices are both deaf and blind in the Constitutional review of facts surrounding the border fences in Texas and DHS waivers tied to The Real ID Act of 2005.

AP reports here:

McALLEN, Texas (AP)-- A U.S. Supreme Court decision paving the way for a 670-mile fence along the U.S. - Mexico border drew swift criticism from environmentalists, who promised to make another legal stand in Texas.

The justices' turned down a plea Monday to hear a lawsuit opposing a two mile section of the fence in Arizona brought by the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife.  

The section of the fence in question in that case has already been built and even if the court had taken the case, oral arguments would not have been heard until October.

But Monday's decision could have the most immediate implications for Texas, where opposition has been most widespread and fence construction is expected to begin next month.  :: FULL STORY HERE::

Please hear from the Sierra Club,  the Defenders of  Wildlife and 5-11 Campaign: Texans Against Real ID's  on KOOP's Shade's of Green Show with host Ken McKenzie,  July 3rd  @ 1 PM (CST) .

US Supreme Court Plays "Deaf "  :: FULL STORY HERE:: 

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