Monday, June 23, 2008

F MINUS: AAMVA Gets ID Hub Contract

c/o Homeland Stupidity Blog

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators received a no bid contract worth millions of dollars to implement a "verification hub" connecting state and federal databases under the Real ID program.

AAMVA, which already maintains a database of commercial drivers in every state, was believed to be the company that would get the contract for the verification hub which, when completed, will allow states to electronically verify documents such as birth certificates and Social Security with other states and with the federal government.

The database begins with a $17 million REAL ID Demonstration Grant awarded to the state of Missouri, which will then pass on that cash to AAMVA to do the actual work of developing the system.  Four other states, Florida, Indiana, Nevada, and Wisconsin, received $1.2 million grants to be the first states to connect to the new database. ::FULL STORY HERE::

BTC Commentary:  AAMVA is now responsible for your SSN# and birth certificates should you surrender them to the DMV for "federal purposes".   You should know at this time you can request a NON FEDERAL ID if you are going in to renew your license.   We also happen to know that AAMVA is a self-professed "information clearinghouse".   Which means they will release the information they have to whomever is buying in BULK.    It's here - THIS is the network that is documented as insecure and prone to identity hacking.  Don't be stupid. Don't give your Social to AAMVA.

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