Monday, September 15, 2008

LAST WORD: McCain on Real ID

John McCain and Sarah Palin both live in states who have benefitted from the hard work of Anti-Real ID Activists in Alaska and Arizona.  

John McCain fully supports the implementation of Real IDs.  His running mate Sarah Palin didn't lift a finger to support it or deny it.  It didn't get her vote.  Is this team strong enough to deny the identity securities we enjoy today without suffering through privacy exposures and hacking breaches in the Real ID data networks?  

Does John McCain know enough about Real ID to understand that his information goes in that database too?  Can we afford to have a President whose judgement is so poor he would jeopardize National Security by entering his Social Security Number into an insecure license database?  A database so insecure it can be hacked into from anywhere in the world? Our top officials personal information could possibly be seized by...anyone... even radical fundamentalist terrorists.   He had better think over Real ID again.  

Real ID as currently written jeopardizes your personal security and our national security.

We are Anti- Real ID activists and we approve this message.

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