Monday, September 15, 2008

My Vacation

Dear Readers,

There comes a time in every tireless activist's life where they need something called "a break" or they can't keep going.  I am taking a few days off from the mudwrestling between McPalin and Obiden, Real ID number crunching, strategizing spin, and rustling up headlines that actually pinch Big Brother for a much needed vacation.  Don't worry it's just a few days...

When I  return look for more information on companion blogs on Aaron Russo's Restore The Republic with .

I am leaving you a digest of material covering the coming faces of Real ID - Smart Cards & TWIC cards,  Real ID's costs to states,  and the lovely salty idealism coming from the great city of Austin, TX  home to both director Richard Linklater and Alex Jones whose work you can see here, from the film Waking Life.   

BTC - Digest

National Smart Card Campaigns Push for Voluntary Recruits
There is a national push for Americans to volunarily adopt Smart Cards and TWIC cards to stay employed and for convenience.  This is the incrumental compliance that has America in a sleeper hold right now.   


Beginning Oct. 1, The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will enforce new identification requirements in an effort to enhance security for drivers. Driver license applicants will be required to provide proof of a Social Security number.


(Where the hell is the NCTE when you need them?)

Palin essentially voted "present" this year when she allowed a bill to become law without her signature. Senate Bill 202 prohibits the state from spending any money to implement provisions of the federally mandated Real ID program. Rather than take a position on the controversial Real ID program in Alaska, the governor voted "present" and let the bill take effect without her signature.

The Bush Administration and civil liberties groups are fighting over the fate of a frozen appeals court decision in the warrantless wiretapping legal battle, even as the government has yet to use its new powers to have cases dismissed with a mere letter to the judge from the Attorney General.

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