Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RFID chips, Licenses and The Real ID Act

BTC - It has come to our attention throughout the use and veritable abuse of our tax dollars at the the federal level, that RFIDs for every license everywhere (and in Texas)  is now a real potential.    If your State's Motor vehicle agency accepts grant funding for the Real ID, they will comply with the complete letter of the Real ID Act of 2005... down to the jot and tittle.  

What does that mean?  It means that the most sensitive keys to your conventional identity will be demanded , possibly scanned and stored in a vulnerable digital database and shared with international sources.  It also means your "license verification documents" may be stored on an RFID chip to prove you are a citizen wherever you go in the U.S.   It is either the RFID chip or the magnetic strip or the bar code on the back.   The bar code is the most secure of the three. All are covert and evil means to catalogue consumers habits.   If your ID keys are embedded in the license's RFID chip, trouble will be waiting to find you.  Anyone with a UPC reader with intent to hack the code, can get whatever is stored in your chip, including your SSN# and your mothers maiden name held on the birth certificate.

What is the point of all this again? Why would you need an internal passport verifying your citizenship? 

AH!  Yes..this is to move us closer to the North American Community,  a continental shift in both borders, monetary systems and a slam dunk for the globalized government.   Also known to Canadians as the SPP or the Secured Prosperity Partnership for the Americas.  They want one guy on top, so one person can run the few guys at the top.  It's  not a power structure we can relate to when we are paying for it.  There's still the a functional Constitution for them to overcome.

Do we obsess much? We have to.  Identity theft trends are at an all time high in organized crime rings.  The people aren't going to be cut a break.   Real ID's as currently regulated are a threat to citizen's personal security. Hence, there is the a problem reconciling public security in the name of  Homeland Security.

RFID readers will become integrated into your day to day and if someone hacks a RFID reader camera and they get your info, they get your info.  Thanks for playing ...good luck to you? 

Word from the 5-11 Campaign has brought us to a new policy for licenses requiring birth certificates.


The point of the look but don't touch policy is to provide the adequate qualifying documents to quell the demands for both citizenship and identity documents, but to not surrender your documents to an insecure database.  This is to keep copies of your most sensitive information from also being embedded into the now infamous Radio Frequency ID chip (RFID).    This information will be broadcasted wherever it can be found and sussed out by organized crime rings to steal identities by either hacking into RFID readers on street corners or just planting criminals with UPC readers in strategic places where that information later becomes a source of both unique information and revenue.

How the policy works is when a license administrator asks you for a birth certificate or Social Security card or other relevant proof of national citizenship, you show them your documents with the caveat that the information not be entered into an database, scanned, copied or recorded for recollection.  You are present with the document as verification so they may verify it, but not record it.  So the administrator may look, but not touch the document in terms of verifying it, but not to record or to have on record.

If they contest this, ask to speak to a manager.  If the license administrator or their manager will not concede to this process, call your Congressman.  They have the right to verify your documents for accuracy, but not to retain copies for their personal sense of wellbeing, security and emotional ease or to satisfy a quota supplied from an information sales contract. Somewhere in the chain-of-command is a professional who will be reasonable and understand what you are doing.

WHATEVER YOU DO... do not allow them to walk off with your identity documents.  Unless the Real ID Act and it's heinous regulations are fully repealed you will need to be concerned. 

Don't let the sense of bureacratic entitlement cheap shot you out of your security.  Stand your ground and get your license.

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