Monday, July 6, 2009


Dear Concerned Bodies,

The PASS Act, S. 1261, a heavily compromised legislation which allows the majority of the Real ID Act to stay in place is moving toward a DHS Senate committee hearing in Washington, D.C.

After proving time and again that the technologies used [RFID, facial recognition biometrics, and fusion center databases] have a high failure rate in substantiating, retaining and protecting identity, we should not be required to accept inadequate standards for federalizing U.S. identity to redundance in the PASS Act or the Real ID Act.

Tell your State Senators, Joe Lieberman and the Senate DHS Committee that S.1261 is not acceptable for U.S. identity and to repeal the Real ID Act in its entirety.

The people of the United States are still being asked to sponsor the surveillance of their own identity in the name of immigration control and terrorism prevention . Even a casual look into the logic of mandating identity for Americans cannot guarantee an above board use of systems in the compromised identity and immigrations racketeering which sustains much of the blackmarket immigrant labor at large in the U.S. states.

There are incomplete and obscured grounds to prove identity was linked to illegal immigration and terrorism based on the 9-11 Commission reccomendations. Terrorists involved in the attacks were here on legal visas granted by U.S. immigration. One visa was renewed 6 months after a hijackers suicide in the WTC towers.

Don't allow misappropriation of your identity to lead to an inescapable surveilled lifestyle based on the U.S. current plan for identity in the PASS Act and the Real ID Act.

VOTE NO on S.1261 : The PASS Act by contacting the DHS Senate committee today. Their numbers are located below.

Find E-Contacts for the DHS Senate Committee here

  1. Senator Lieberman (202) 224-4041 Chairman
  2. Senator Collins      (202) 224-2523
  3. Senator Akaka        (202) 224-6361
  4. Senator Bennet       (202) 224-5852
  5. Senator Burris          (202) 224-2854
  6. Senator Carper        (202) 224-2441
  7. Senator Coburn       (202) 224-5754
  8. Senator Ensign        (202) 224-6244
  9. Senator Graham      (202) 224-5972
  10. Senator Landrieu     (202) 224-5824
  11. Senator Levin            (202) 224-6221
  12. Senator McCain        (202) 224-2235
  13. Senator McCaskill    (202) 224-6154
  14. Senator Pryor            (202) 224-2353
  15. Senator Tester          (202) 224-2644
  16. Senator Voinovich   (202) 224-3353

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