Sunday, July 5, 2009

UK's Home Secretary Abandons Compulsory ID

They defeated their own Real ID.   We can do this.  We can definitely do this.

c/o The UK Telegraph

The Home Secretary had been scheduled to make a low-key announcement, abandoning plans for ID card trials at two airports which would have made carrying them compulsory for some pilots and airline staff.

After doing so, however, he went much further and declared: "I want the introduction of identity cards for all British citizens to be voluntary."

A government source said: "Number 10 knew Alan was going to make the airports announcement. But they had no idea he would simply tear up the entire policy as far as compulsory cards were concerned."


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Phil Booth, No2ID said...

I'm afraid the Home Secretary's recent announcement is nothing like the climb-down that has been reported by some of the media. In reality, all he has done is to avoid a messy battle with the trades unions over forcing some airside workers to register for an ID card (on top of the airside security pass, that they are already required to have) later this autumn.

British citizens will still be forced onto the ID cards database from 2011/12, when they apply for or renew their passport - and it is the database that has been at the heart of the problem all along. Whether one 'chooses' to have the plastic card or not, you will still be tagged and tracked for the rest of your life. Those who refuse the card will simply be tracked by their passport or ID number instead. There's nothing waiting in the wings - though clearly other government Departments would be more than happy to make a grab for ID, should the Home Office ultimately fail - the ID Scheme and it's intention has not changed one bit.