Saturday, June 30, 2012

PINK UNDERWEAR: Arpaio arrests 6 year old without legal ID

BTC - The next series of Arpaio or Pinal County arrests in Arizona based on SB 1070 drawbacks will be selectively titled PINK UNDERWEAR.   This premiere blog will be dedicated to the 6 year old girl turned over to ICE earlier this weekend who now has an international arrest record. Her ten little fingers will be entered into a biometrics database as a criminal alien.

It's not like no one saw this coming.  Sen. Chuck Schumer grilled the bill's author Russel Pearce during a hearing on SB 1070 concerning the plausability of infants being required to show legal ID to evade arrest based on the language of this law this April.

Sen. Schumer: “So you think under this law, children, to prevent themselves from being sent to a detention center or whatever, would have to carry some kind of ID?” 
R.Pearce: “I understand trying to make a point, but, Mr. Chairman, it’s just not accurate. It’s just not so.” 
Sen. Schumer: “Does the law say anywhere that children don’t have to be checked when they are stopped in a car in a situation? I understand that the law says the opposite.” 
R. Pearce: “This makes exceptions to law enforcement; you know to make reasonable decisions based on the circumstances at the time. I think it’s demeaning to law enforcement to assume they don’t know how to do their job in a respectful proper manner.”

Sen. Schumer called on text from Section 3-B of the law and said SB 1070 “doesn’t list any exceptions at all.” Adding that all children could be checked and should be checked.

DIY GOVT. - Care2Action sent out this action alert to advocate signed protest against child arrests under the roundup identity laws in Arizona.

*Special thanks to Freedom's Phoenix in Arizona


James said...

This is so sad, but it is something allowed by the government to have come to this place because of having allowed the parents to bring those children across the border or having the mother come across the border just in time to have a baby. If the people of this nation are to hear that our schools are failing because of overcrowding, then this will have to be a nessasary action to say for the hundredth thousand time, "Why should taxpayer American's have to pay for the education of an illegal child?"

Beat The Chip said...

RE: James -- Why should our government pay for the education of any child - period. Government mandates the structures of what children are taught today. The bell systems still used in schools today are based on factory worker grooming (post industrial). Our society has changed so drastically that government sponsored education is embedded with top down philosophy, eugenics, discredits to critical thinking and a pipeline to jails. This is the "alma mater" practice- the parent away from home, or paternal Statism. The benefits any child receives and the quality of their education is based on their personal penchant for discipline, desire to learn and incentive to make progress in society. Immigration doesn't have a damn thing to do with it. A six year old child being is not illegal. The State functioning as a criminal, dehumanizing entity who reduces the life of that six year old to such a base caging squalor that her parents, forced to migrate to sustain a life outside of indigenous means -deprived of the benefit personal property and equitable commerce, tripped on the lines of US immigration. It is the government with a renown reputation for choosing the sledgehammer as a fly swatter. Whose fault is that? If you fell for the eugenics line you were force fed in your government education you will believe it is the child's fault for being a class or race inferior, unapproved of by the State. If you fell for the Statist line that you were taught in government sponsored school you may believe it is the government's role to parent and educate such a child (i.e. which government shall educated the six year old). I believe none of the above. I believe 6 year old children should be allowed to be 6 year olds. The State should have no business with them for being or doing 6 year old things - like travelling with their parents.