Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WHO OWNS YOUR DATA? You do, says David Bond.

BTC-- The debate returns over ownership of personal data. The NYTimes ran a piece today on why data you own is NOT actually accessible to you for review or removal from major data brokerage firms.

The debate over data privacy continues to rage into the Summer, as cellphone driven searches (warranted or unwarranted) are back on the table for use by law enforcement: as tracking devices littering data about us.  This data is then sold and collected by both the government and invisible business hands.  FISA, the codified US basis for domestic wiretapping, was called on the carpet this week for violating the 4th Amendment en masse.

The importance of who has your data, what is known about you and the range of your control conventions over your own data is usually something untested.  Perhaps, we fear we are too ignorant of device and IT structures to investigate or test the ranges of our limitations or worse, the length of time it would take to track down who is mining you for data would require you to quit your job and go on public assistance to just get the simplest of answers.

Thankfully, you don't really have to do that. You can live vicariously through David Bond, who did his own personal data inventory and attempted to reclaim or control the property of his identity data.   Fair Warning: You will find search artists and private investigators do not play fair and they methods they use may alarm you.

WATCH: Erasing David 

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