Friday, January 11, 2013

IdleNoMore video alert discloses Canada's EDL encryption lapse

Jan 11th logo for Intl. Day of Action  #J11
"Have you seen my mom? Her face looks like yours."
BTC - Today marks Idle No More's global solidarity action touching the blogosphere and the known wired universe. Among the outspoken, were Anonymous members who released a video statement on the Harper government's actions with mass land negotiations without meeting with the Indigenous nations living on those lands.

While this matter is about very serious massive civil disruption in social contracts set between indigenous tribes and the Canadian government, the generational impacts, the rifts and new growth in the native rights movement, the Anons took a hairpin turn. They dotted this matter with news about slipshod encryption of RFID tags in Canada's Enhanced Drivers Licenses. It warned all Canadians carrying the EDL on the move from Quebec and British Columbia. [News byte starts at 2:12]

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