Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The 5-11 Campaign endorses Texas bills to ban RFID in schools


Recent legal action to prevent the expulsion of Andrea Hernandez from NISD magnet school, John Jay High, was struck down in federal court today. 
“The federal ruling really galvanizes an urgency to further support for [Texas State] legislations [HB 101, HB 102]. Texas students can be served by the rule of law if we push for laws that land on their side. Students should have an option to learn without suffering location and data surveillance by public school administrators. We thank The Rutherford Institute for their vigilance and legal support on this issue and will continue to support the efforts of Jerry Lynn Ward, the Hernandez’ attorney.”  
- Sheila Dean, at The 5-11 Campaign.

There are a variety of ways to demonstrate support for Texas bills to ban RFID in public schools.

Write or call Rep. Lois Kolkhorst’s office to document support for HB 101, HB 102. http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/member-page/?district=13

Call/ Write/Contact Texas Governor Rick Perry to support for Rep. Kolkhorst’s bills,  HB 101 and HB 102. http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/

Continue to thank and support The Rutherford Institute’s legal defense team assisting the Hernandez family in seeking decency and educational freedom. Subscribe to their news and action alerts. Ask them about ways to support Andrea today.

Stay connected with activists on the ground to support, inform, resist and to assist students contending with education privacy threats. Invasive tracking technologies like RFID were pushed on Andrea Hernandez without parental consent. Her parents got involved. Grouping together and searching for local opportunities to organize always helps increase people power in communities. Why just stay home, if you want to be part of the solution?

Stay up to date and spread the word. Tell media, citizen media, social networks and those close about the dangers of RFID and of Andrea Hernandez' struggle to retain her rights against digital surveillance.

 You can stay on top of news RFID updates provided here at BeatTheChip.org.


johninbc said...

There is something you all are missing here. It's called Slavery.
There are some that assume power that demand another to perform without compensation or contract. This is slavery, plain and simple.

Also, there is the very real concept of "what you resist persists". Now this does not mean that you cannot get out of this foolishness, only that fighting it is only making it stronger.

So what's the solution? Remember who you are. Are you a slave of the state or free? If you chose to not be a slave of the state, then you have every right to demand compensation for ANY demand of service made on you.

Now this is a simplistic examination, intended to get you to think. Don't discount it off hand, but consider the truth of it.

So you students that are facing this, simply conditionally accept the offer on the condition that you are compensated for your service. I would think $1000.00 a minute would be fair.
If it's imbedded in your body then perhaps a 5 million dollar installation fee and maybe $5000 a minute...
Put it in writing and be certain that you have MANY witnesses to the refusal. It's the refusal that you want to video... Their refusal to compensate you provides an honorable way for all to ditch these tracking devices...

This does work. But you have to do this en-mass.
Have no fear if you are acting from your heart.

Beat The Chip said...

It's really strange that someone who appears to be from Canada has so much to say about what young people should have to put up with in Texas. These young people need to be in school to learn. This social control struggle is different for every generation and their parents. Our children are our legacy to the world. If we can't import value of intangible worth to kids they demean to this place of dollars and cents prostitution you speak of here. In the case of Texas, their education rent is paid by Texans. You best be on your way, if you're not planning on buying into any real estate.

Mark said...

@Beat the Chip

johninbc is comparing RFID to slavery. He is supporting your campaign.

Being rude to him about his comment implies that you are either pro-slavery, or don't know how to read.

David Williams said...

Do people know that every US passport has an RFID device.

What would happen if they put RFID trackers in all school books? Technically, they could since the books belong to the school district.

I think everyone needs to recognize we are in the 21st century and that we can be tracked/monitored by our employers, banks, grocery stores, Facebook/Twitter, Cell Phone companies, etc so why are people going to spend our tax money trying to stop something that is already being done anyway without our knowledge.

People can give up the day they can hide unless they want to live in the backwoods with no Internet, no credit cards, no job.

Anonymous said...

"what you resist persists"

That's just stupid. It's just a bunch of words, it means nothing. Can you cite any evidence of such a 'law', or is it just a blind mantra? Anti-Apartheid activists resisted Apartheid, and as a direct result they destroyed it and ended it. Anti-slavery activists resisted slavery and as a direct result they ended it.

I think it's great what Beat the Chip are doing. Someone needs to fight this encroaching 1984. Kids raised treated as cattle will find it natural to be treated as cattle by authorities as adults and unfortunately will be so conditioned they won't even think to resist when the next, and then the next, and then the next 'tracking and tagging' are instituted in all other areas of society.

Beat The Chip said...

@ Dave Williams

You're obviously not a pro-privacy guy but your on a pro-privacy blog. It's good to see your perspective, but I think the point of the Texas legislation is to represent an option for parents to deny consent to the role of tracking their children by a government system. By not being able to opt out, the local public funded school is performing an act of coercion on their society.

@Mark - "There is no try. Only do." - YODA
If anyone wants to help, they should just go do it.