Monday, January 28, 2013

The people who hate TWIC cards are people who use them

BTC - Here is the common model gripe on US TWIC cards you will hear about.

c/o The Longest Climb
"The TWIC program was managed until recently by a down-at-heels military contractor who is always coming in second place in designing airplanes and shit to blow up shit contests. The TWIC card was a gimme program that fed their coffers a little while they tried and failed to come up with yet another military aircraft that someone would want somewhere. 
My beef with the TWIC is that every mariner with a Merchant Mariner's Credential already passes a rigorous background check by the FBI and Coast Guard. Why should we be vetted twice on the same issue every 5 years just to cut a check to the Coast Guard AND the Ministry of Offense (Department of Homeland Security) for $150 each to be given a card that isn't even accepted when presented to the DHS security agents who issued the card in the first place? Sounds crazy? Yeah, try showing the card when you're in line at the rape-o-scan at the airport."


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