Saturday, January 26, 2013

REDUX: Connecticut will lock down infants with RFID

L'enfant on lockdown

BTC - Good 'ol Wisconsin.  Home to Real ID beneficiaries, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, and technology mavens hell bent on getting babies enrolled with RFID tags. Someone made a sale to a receptive Conneticut hospital.

c/o RFID News 
Danbury Hospital in Danbury, Conn. has implemented an RFID system for its child-related facilities in an effort to keep newborns safe and reduce the risk of abductions. 
The hospital has selected Wisconsin-based RF Technologies Safe Place Infant Security product for this effort. It’s implemented the system on three floors of the hospital, including the family birthing and pediatric units. 
Safe Place uses water-resistant, lightweight transmitters and the company’s Smart Sense technology in a band that attaches around an infant’s ankle. Staff can then monitor the infants using automated software. If a band is loose, tampered with or removed, the software alerts the staff. 
Likewise, if an infant wearing a transmitter is in range of a monitored exit, the system can lock the doors and send out a potential security threat alert. Danbury Hospital is part of the Western Connecticut Health Network. It delivers about 2,500 babies annually. #

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Here is second life for news that matters: 

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on Google's ring of information power!  (photo c/o Mother Jones)

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But... Both Yahoo & Google are making strides to require warrants for e-mail peeks by the feds. So progress is negotiable...

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Collateral Damage on the US-Mexico Border by Scott Nicol, indicates how real human beings just like you are being hurt by dumb, wasteful Real ID policies.

"This time around Congress needs to come up with a clean bill, dealing with immigration without further militarizing the borderlands, building new border walls, or providing pork for military contractors. Instead, the United States must address its dysfunctional immigration system in a way that is both practical and humane."  

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