Monday, February 25, 2008

2014 > 2013 > 2011> 2009: Which is it?

I've been watching the news, as I usually do. I consider myself one of the lucky ones to live in a state that has filed an extension or has out and out defied the Real ID unfunded mandate. Something I have noticed as time blows on is the delay to implementation is being cut back by about between 3 and 5 years depending on which state you live in.

May 11th comes soon enough for those who feel that Real ID is a national ID card masked by state rhetoric. Michael Chertoff, during his many speeches on Real ID, admonished the public to not procrastinate on the ID "for our security", well aware that legislation like this often gets buried and forgotten so that states and public do not have to comply.

It's time to bite back.

It's time to start putting names with faces, meaning this: find the supplier to your neighborhood DMV and ask them who will be providing the technology and databases for the implementation. Then do some homework on finding out who is handling their lobby's locally and who's doing their lobby's in Washington. From there you, you start publishing letters to the editor, about how much of your taxes are going to pay for this expensive intrusion into your privacy. I suggest starting with these folks : Coalition for A Secure Driver's License . They claim responsibility for getting this legislation moved up in the Washington heirarchy. Where there is smoke there is fire. GET THEIR FACES ATTACHED TO POLITICIANS AND CALL THEM ON THE MAT! They hate being found out.