Saturday, August 9, 2008

West Virginian Cites Real ID in League with Anti-Christ

Biometrics and ACLU Neighbors Make Their Case
Register Herald

Physics teacher Phillip Hudok, a fundamentalist Christian who once lost his job temporarily over bar-coded student ID cards, is driving now with an alternate license, sans the digitized photograph he fears is a step in putting the entire world under an end-time dictator, known in the Bible as the Antichrist.
In Bible studies and seminars, the topic of the West Virginia driver’s license frequently arose, he explained.

“We’re seeing what we talked about all the time — the prophetic progression of a tyrannical state that mirrors what the Bible talks about,” he said.

As far as he knows, Hudok is the first to reject the digitized photo and said he and Paugh decided to reach out to the news media as a means of spreading the word that West Virginia motorists aren’t obligated to have the three-dimensional photograph on their licenses.

“It’s ironic that when you get your driver’s license, the posting says that fingerprints are optional,” he said. “And yet, by taking the picture, you’re giving a fingerprint of your face. I don’t think most people are aware of it.”

Hudok’s opposition runs nearly parallel to a war waged against the federal Real ID card by Sen. Clark Barnes, R-Randolph, and Seth DiStefano, field organizer for the American Civil Liberties Union in West Virginia. DiStefano is Hudok’s next-door neighbor but wasn’t involved in the driver’s license issue. The ACLU official and Barnes, however, teamed up in an effort to block the state from participating in Real ID, but their bill died in a House committee last March.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

REAL ID TV : What You're Missing

Another 5-11 Campaign member also submitted these video's featured on BrassCheck TV on the Real ID Propaganda to rope you into thinking a Real ID is an allright thing.

Don't forget to check out 5-11 on Austin's Public Access TV Channel 10.


Privacy and Civil Liberties May Swing Votes 
Letter from  BTC Editorial 

The Bush adminstration has earned a bad reputation with the American people for railroading civil liberties during his two terms in office. 

Bush says things like, " The Constitution is just a piece of paper."  

Please refer to any one of the following:  Guantanamo Bay, The Patriot Act, nullification of Posse Comitatus, Habeas Corpus, commuting Scooter Libby, abuse of "Executive Privelege", use of rendition and torture on the taxpayer dime, threat and intimidation on irrelevant basis of Continuity of Government, FISA and our favorite new Big Brother- The Real ID Act of 2005. The Executive Branch has had tremendous cooperation from the U.S. Congress and the Senate in doing its savaging deeds of unconstitutionality.   Please also refer to 15 attempts to impeach this President on Constitutional basis.  

The Constitution is the only U.S. entitled document standing between the average American and fascism.  This is one of the most challenging times in the U.S. History for those who have rights but will have to fight fresh for them.

Since the Constitution is no small deal to most Americans, it has become, sadly enough, a key issue which candidate can actually uphold the Constitution. and most poli-bloggers will be watching the competitive race for the Presidential seat.   We need a President who has some American genome remaining that prizes the liberty of the common American, who won't look the other way at injustice and spend billions of tax dollars on "hush-up" operations and prison facilities designed for dissenting U.S. citizens.   We need an someone with an allegiance to The United States of America; not the vastly declining U.S. dollar and a strategic oil hitch.  We need a President with some ownership of their identity as an American who wants their citizenship in this country to hold true what what the Constitution has in store and knows that they too and their children will inherit our fate.  No more shortsighted policies for the highest bidder.
The Center for Democracy and Technology created an Executive letter to oppose the state-to-federal mandate of Real ID's.  and  many other active voices against Real ID ask that you adapt a version of this letter and send it to your Presidential Candidate of choice. It wouldn't hurt to send it to President Bush either.  You may gauge their response to your letters and decide how to vote from there.

We look forward to the November elections.  May the best American win.

The Presidential Candidates on our radar is as follows: 

Please write in your findings to :  We love to hear from you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Real ID Section 102C vs. The Ocelot

85-100 Endangered Texas Ocelot's Losing Habitat to Border Wall Fence

This Fall, Homeland Security plans to build hundreds of miles of fencing between Texas and Mexico. This fence has grave consequences for the small populations of Ocelots that still remain.

Ocelots are small endangered cats whose fur resembles a jaguar.There are between 85 and 100 remaining in the Texas area, and this fence will almost certainly disrupt the breeding patterns of these cats who move to Mexico for water and to breed. 

A study conducted by Homeland Security details these risks and states that "efforts are underway to preserve key habitat and biological corridors necessary for ocelot survival." 

Sign this petition today to let Homeland Security know that you are watching to make sure they keep their word and protect these valuable ocelots!

Support Alternative Legislation: HR 2593 - The Borderlands Conservation & Security Act: Protecting our Communities, Protecting our Environment, Protecting our Borders

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Barr Goads Presidential Opponents on Real ID

Barr Urges Congressional Action to Repeal

Rep. Bob Barr, small-government party prodigal returned, as Libertarian Presidential nominee cites he has been consistently in favor of a repeal of Real ID.

Unfortunately, skepticism naggs Libertarians who soured against a penitent Barr over his affirmative Patriot Act vote while he was a Republican Congressional leader. In an election where Constitutional mores are muffled by Corporate media censorship and cast aside in favor of "Homeland Security" by the Bush Administration; civil libertarians are exceptionally sensitive to any hint of losing ground.

Those who stopped watching OBAMA TV a.k.a CNN, NBC/MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX {You get it.} months ago for any peep on gains of Constitutional relevance may still have an eye out for any resurfacing of approaches to halt the massive attack on our country's fundamental documents. 

“’September 11’ has become the catch-all excuse for virtually every proposed expansion of government power,” notes Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for president. “One example is a national identification card and data base, long desired by some in government, and which was mandated by legislation passed by the Congress in 2005 with the support of both Senators McCain and Obama. Although I was no longer in the Congress when this bad legislation was passed, I had vigorously opposed it in the years since it became law, just as I led the successful effort to rescind a previous mandate for a national ID card, ” says Barr of his opponents unfavorable voting record.

Those looking to Obama to uphold the Constitution should take account of the only sneak-preview they may get prior to the November election. He voted "Aye" for FISA. Which means we'll have green energy solutions and the warrantless wire-tappings will continue with carte-blanche immunity for highly compensated Telecomm traitors. Only the greed of corporate whistleblowers can save us now.

He voted AYE for the Patriot Act and AYE for Real ID. Benefit of the doubt?

We'll be checking in with the McCain camp for any radar regarding Real ID - even though it's not really a war or economy issue. Maybe if we pretend its a taxation issue he'll look.

Barr's campaign release included an Executive Branch plan of action on Real ID.

“As president, I would submit legislation to repeal the law.  I also would use my authority as president to limit the law’s impact to the extent allowed by law—establishing privacy safeguards, extending compliance deadlines, and relaxing license requirements.  Protecting the people’s liberties and privacy is central to government’s role, not an afterthought – factors obviously not important to my opponents in both the Republican and Democratic Parties who supported the Real ID Act.”