Friday, July 25, 2008

Louisiana Beats the Chip; New Mexico's New Secure ID

New Mexico's Governor Against Real ID While  
Playing Biometrics Game
Embedded Zia and Ghost Portraits Part of New Licenses

New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Secretary Rick Homans, during a visit to Carlsbad this week, stressed that the new high-tech driver's license is not a Real ID card as proposed by the federal government.

"The governor remains opposed to the Real ID.  In it's current form, it is an unfunded mandate.  There are also numerous privacy and constitutional issues that have to be addressed with the Real ID card, " Homans said.

Displaying his new driver's license, Homans said the MVD--which falls under his jurisdiction -- has designed the new license to protect against identity theft and forgery.

"We have begun using facial recognition technology that allows us to compare the person's  new photo with his or her most recent photo and every other photo in the MVD database," said Ken Ortiz, MVD director, who accompanied Homans on his visit to Carlsbad.

Ortiz said that by comparing the driver's photo with every other photo with his or her most recent photo in the MVD's database of some 35 million, his agency will be able to determine if more than one person is using the same identification information, such as several photos associated with one record, or if one person has more than one identity that might include one photo associated with several records.

HB 715 Unites Senate and House Majority to say "Yeay-Yeay!!"

Legislation that would direct a state department to ignore a federal mandate requiring a special identification card could end up restricting where Louisiana residents can go.
The Senate Committee of Judiciary A approved the legislation without objection Tuesday{6/11} despite concerns that residents may have to buy passports to travel inside the states and enter federal buildings.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


BeatTheChip Proud Sponsors of Lead Undergarments for C.Y.A.-Fest 2008- because this COULD be you.

TSA can get naked pictures of you and your significant other. They have the technology.

TSA has crossed an entirely new public threshold.  Concerns have crossed over into the U.S. over TSA's applied use of full body scanning. I believe it all started with this unfortunate Iraqi woman, whose fate we now share, as featured in Truthout.


The new lows of personal invasion by our government has US citizens and many bloggers turning tables on DHS.  Rouge Government goes as far as calling the DHS a "terrorist" organization.   How many times do we have to say, "You're in my personal space!" before DHS gets the clue this is inappropriate and overbearing.

Biometric fat cat contractors have undoubtedly proven the technological "cool" factor to get The Bush Administration's nod to possibly greenlight full body scanners at an airport near you. The DHS loves biometrics.  They just can't get enough of pictures of you, your face and now the nuanced contours of your holy birthday suit. 

Ok, DHS that's enough. You have to cut it out.  If you want cool toys and images of stuff you can blow up go play the American Army game.  Stop making us pay for this crap.  

Biometrics, The Driver's License Agreement & YOU!!

According to biometric's whistleblower and Anti-Real ID Activist, Mark Lerner, the evil plan for biometrics world domination started during the FIRST Bush administration.

"The creation of such a system has nothing to do with 9-11 or terrorism.  9-11 provided the opportunity to fast forward federal plans for biometrics and linked databases that first began in 1986 {Bush Sr.} and to force an international biometrics passport and biometric ID standard on other nations that began in 1995 {Clinton}, " says Lerner.

Lerner continued to explain how AAMVA's no-bid contract of a Driver's license hub, anchoring in Kansas City, Missouri became so important and why getting 3D digital copy of your face is a priority.

"Under Real ID , State driver's license/ID cards provide enrollment. AAMVA provides the document and database linking system needed for biometrics. AAMVA is an international association of motor vehicle and law enforcement officials. AAMVA is responsible for international biometric driver's license/ ID card standards and an international information sharing agreement, the Driver's License Agreement (DLA). 

Currently, most states share information through AAMVA, instead of sharing directly between states.  Compacts govern how and what information is shared.  However, states must join with the DLA to comply with {The Real ID Act of 2005}.   The DLA will link databases with Mexico, Canada, and other nations that join the DLA," said Lerner who later cited this use of driver's license information as a Constitutional violation {Article 1, Section 10} because it allows states to form compacts with a foreign nation. 

WE JUST WANT YOUR PICTURE! - Your biggest fan, Secretary Chertoff

Since we know that federal tax dollars are spent on wiretapping your grandma and trolling your MySpace page for who you REALLY are, they should start giving back.  

FYI, the going rate for commercial driver's license information sold through AAMVA  is .84 cents per record as sold to Texas based company, EDS, formerly owned by Ross Perot. Please think of the market values an evil corporation would ascribe to a bulk rollout that includes your social security number, mother's maiden name and your face in 3D from AAMVA, once Real ID commences.  If someone is going to be making money off of the sale and license of my image - IT NEEDS TO BE ME!!

Don't get mad - get moving.  Mark Lerner is representing the efforts of The Stop Real ID Coalition and the 5-11 Campaign in Dallas, TX at the Freedom 21 Conference.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mandated IDs and Consequence of Enumeration

While Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr is vocal about his wishes to halt Real ID implementation, he added that keeping the welfare recipients from voting was on his list of priorities. The cognitive dissonance and conflicts between the two ideas are not necessarily obvious. Those affirming the latter, may slip a noose around their own necks if Real ID is given the go ahead for its disenfranchising power.

An enacted Real ID manifests not just as complete exposure of US citizen's privacy and identity keys or as an irrelevant immigration solution, but as a potent voter disenfranchisement tool. This Spring the Supreme Court upheld Indiana's demand for photo ID as a pre-requisite to vote.  If more states mimic this legislation, ID will predicate your right to vote.

Those at the bottom of the economic ladder, those booted unintentionally "off the grid" due to mental illness or due to imprisonment often do not have immediate access to their "breeder documents"- a birth certificate or Social Security card- qualifying them for ID.  As identity trends persist, more people without immediate access to key identity documents find themselves outside of resources. They may also find themselves outside of the law for failure to provide identity documents on demand for registration, probation or payment of fines.

In Michael Mechanic's, IDENTITY THEFT article, Mother Jones reports repercussions for those without access to proper identity documents.

FOR NEW PAROLEE'S hoping to stay out of prison for good, scoring public assistance is crucial.  But few consider this obstacle: "You can't get ID in this society anymore if you don't have ID,"  says Amy Blank, a researcher at Rutgers University.  "If you wanta birth certificate, you need a driver's license. If you want a driver's license, you have to have a birth certificate and a Social Security card.  And to get a Social Security card, you have to have a driver's license. It's this crazy cycle."

For those with proper ID, squarely on the right side of the law with financial ducks in a row, still more government mandated  hoop-jumping exercises are ahead.  Among the hotly opposed tenets of the Real ID Act is a mandate to submit citizenship documents to local DMV databases in order to receive a valid driver's license or ID.  In essence, the database will be a national catalog of identity documentation.  

The Consequences of Enumeration 
VIDEO: IBM & The Holocaust
Government cataloging or enumeration of a nation based on identity, may be used for profiling people groups based on aspects of race, religion, locale and consumer habits. Consequenses for enumeration are documented in Edwin Black's book, IBM & The Holocaust.