Saturday, June 23, 2012

WEEKEND EDITION REDUX: Invasive technology, "The Singularity", TWIC and more biometrics

c/o Emergency Management Blog
REAL ID and The Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) are two examples of how the Federal government is trying to develop standards for identification cards. The REAL ID addresses standards to be enforced by all the states in the issuing of drivers licenses. I don't know how states can do it, but 18 have refused to implement the provisions. As noted in Governing Magazine, Remember REAL ID it looks unlikely that the Feds will use sledge hammer ramifications to ensure compliance.

Here is second life for news that matters: 

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House bill extends TSA intel sharing to mass transit

Senate debate over cyber security bill fails to address privacy concerns

House Committee Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers

Austin PD to add ground robots to the force

The Police, the iPhone and Your Right to Record

IDair's new fingerprint reader captures prints from 6 meters away

Stop and Frisk -- and DNA Test?

How to nullify suspicionless searches

License Plate Recognition Logs Our Lives Long Before We Sin


IF you had doubts that about the power of consolidated Big Data, lets talk singularity.  It is now simply a matter of tranferring all that makes you a sovereign entity, to a piece of hardware - they have the technology.  For salts sake - it is time to start respecting analog humanity and using the role of consent before we lose it.

Your Big Blue Brain on a Silicon Chip

Inviting Machines Into Our Bodies

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If a Rothschild said it on Twitter....

BTC - This blog and a national ID movement was inspired by a famous scene from Zeitgeist ; which Aaron Russo exposes an elitist plan to microchip everyone in the known world using the VeriChip RFID. It has been, literally, poached by at least 3 different documentary films, but none more obvious than in Cinema Libre's, Ethos.

However, it's an odd day in hell to read this in my feed.

That's terrific reasoning from the former Mercatus scholar. However, it's so glaringly odd coming from the mouth of a Rothschild, one of the proverbial 5 elite familys running the world of "useless eaters" like you and me.

Herein lies the psychotic brilliance of being an American individual rights advocate. As Rothschild promotes individualism he sheds the collectivism of the global state and all transnationalist agendas. It's much better than being the Rockerfeller VC who got suckered into endorsing a global transhumanist start-up, like Verichip, during a cocained induced crazy haze with IBM's people/Bill Gates people.

The problem with global transhumanism is it is a form of collectivism. If you submit to collectivism, you lose your individuality and exchange your identity for that of the collective. Dan Rothschild may not live down the elitist nom to end federated identity and mass microchipping, but doesn't he still retain the individual right to speak for himself?

If a Rothschild disagrees with CFR public policy, oppressive global governance or Trilateralism - leave some breathing room for improvement! Miracles happen every day. However, I have only taken a nominal look at where this policy quip came from, AEI's Coalition director.

Joe the Plumber's Congressional campaign is based on a longstanding FOX Media distraction. I am more inclined to believe that Plumber is an establishment puppet and TV pipefitting for Republican partisan rhetoric. He's a blue collar media invention. I'll bet Joe is not even his real name. An imagined real name for Plummer is Milton Goldberg III, because he serves the interests of the esablishment and the gold collar commune. The whole "Rothschild v. Plumber" - global to domestic prioritization seems like really authentic FOX news staging.
PLUMBER: "I do not like global elitist takeovers! I am superman! I will save American jobs and gun rights from the UN!" 
ROTHSCHILD: "Get back in line, Plumber! Don't you know the UN is too big for you, little man? Work on a national issue where your from!" 
FOX news junkies boo the "elitist" Rothschild and are moved to endorse Plumber who represents "the little guy".  Beat The Chip is found heckling from the sidelines, " YOU BOTH GET YOUR POLICY FROM GERMANS!"

They both seem to be elitists in my mind, serving elite global interests. Neither one, unless they care to clarify, has any interest abolishing America's current national identity schemes or the proliferation of the data surveillance state. To frame this for those on Joe-the-Plumber watch: they won't be first up to the plate to stop FISA, the Patriot Act renewals, NSA surveillance of all electronic communications, the emergent database state, national ID or government surveillance infrastructure exports as a human rights violation, expunging TSA security theatre from American airports so forth and so on.... If they do, you may color me shocked pink!

There is yet another collective whose complicity is thinly veiled by a form of "resistance" - that would be those promoting Jesus' second coming, the cult of Kingdom Now, Zionist pligrims and a certain rhetoric sponsored in broadcasts at the 700 Club.   They may believe internalized microchipping and the Panopticon State must happen in order for their Theocracy to take over and for all human immorality and pain to be eradicated.

Here's how this reasoning presents. You sit out all day in the hot sun handing out advocacy pamphlets and several people come by to marvel at your work saying something like,"Jesus was right!" and "You should read Revelations! It's going to happen!" They often resolve to do nothing, waving away any idea of resistance involvement or organisation.

It doesn't help when Edwin Black's [author of IBM and the Holocaust] only path back to redemption may be the US exporting the surveillance state abroad. He did recommend that we do nothing and allow coming transhumanist agenda to prevail unchallenged.

It's time to ask reasonable, sane people in the free world to please object to national identity schemes and organise resistance to the coming internal surveillance State because American fundamentalist Christians, Zionist politicos and their wonks will make aware and do nothing to stop it.

It really is up to you to Beat The Chip.