Friday, April 8, 2011

SF Entertainment Commission New Surveillance Rules to Impact Privacy, Venues


For Immediate Release

SF Entertainment Commission New Surveillance Rules to Impact Privacy, Venues

WHO:  Anyone with professional and recreational pursuits concerning entertainment in the City of San Francisco, Calif. 
WHAT:   Public input and review of rules containing increased police and surveillance forces at entertainment venues in San Francisco 
WHEN: Tuesday, April 12th  6:00 PM 
WHERE: San Francisco -City Hall: RM 400, 1 Dr.  Carlton B. Goodlett Place 
WHY:  It impacts business, tourism and San Francisco’s culture. 
HOW:  Show up to City Hall, sign up and be prepared to give input  about the how your information would be handled by local venues and the police.
For comments and information: 
Deborah Pierce for Privacy Activism 



San Francisco’s Entertainment Commission will soon be considering a jaw-dropping attack on privacy and free assembly. Here are some of the rules the Commission may adopt for any gathering of people expected to reach 100 or more:
“3. All occupants of the premises shall be ID Scanned (including patrons, promoters, and performers, etc.). ID scanning data shall be maintained on a data storage system for no less than 15 days and shall be made available to local law enforcement upon request. 

4. High visibility cameras shall be located at each entrance and exit point of the premises. Said cameras shall maintain a recorded data base for no less than fifteen (15 days) and made available to local law enforcement upon request.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NC ACTION: Support HB 445 to Prevent Real ID Implementation

From JP of NCard in North Carolina's effort
"On March 24th, 2011 Rep Glen Bradley filed House Bill 445 "Prevent Real ID Implementation."
However, he is currently the only listed sponsor with no cosponsors. We need to start calling and emailing all NC legislators and encourage them to co-sponsor and support this legislation in order for it to have a chance of passing.
Be sure to call and email as many representative as you are able, and be sure to contact those legislators in your district.
Time is of the essence, so please act quickly."


TX "Creeping Totalitarianism: Identify yourself or go to jail"

c/o Grits for Breakfast

"If this idea had been proposed in the 1950s, it would have been discarded as reminiscent of Soviet Communism. But state Sen. Dan Patrick has SB 843 up Tuesday in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee that would expand the offense of "failure to identify" to require people to identify themselves whenever they're legally "detained" by police. Presently, you're only required to identify yourself upon arrest, which has been the law for many years. Here's the description of the legislation and its intent from the bill analysis"

What "people" think of Real ID

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FL SB 2040 takes up Real ID regs for E-Verify use

"Here's what SB 2040 does - Requires companies to use the E-Verify employment verification system for new hires, but gives them the option to instead scan an ID card that has passed muster under the federal Real ID program."  :::MORE HERE:::

Florida fighting Real ID, RFID in their licenses and e-authentication

BTC - On March 30th, Florida Sen. Anitre Flores submitted an amendment with high ambitions for Floridian driver identity. The amendment was passed out of the local Transporation Committee in SB 1150 and is now headed for Florida State's Budget Committee. The Committee Substitute now contains language may allow for RFID tags to be added to Florida drivers licenses. However, that's not the worst of what's ahead. Online authentication of drivers license information is being added as an alternative to another Big Database DHS program, E-Verify.

SEE ALSO: Amendment Waters Down E-Verify Bill on Eve of Judiciary Committee Hearing

Our guest, Paul Henry of Floridians against Real ID, discussed more about meeting the challenges ahead for driver identity in Florida and how it might soon be Real ID on the Internet.

Monday, April 4, 2011

TSA Mandates GA 'Self-Pat-Down' Program

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