Saturday, May 26, 2012

FILM: Article 12

BTC - We sponsor film. We believe in film. No film since Zeitgeist or Erasing David has categorically conveyed the common person's essential struggle against the emerging panopticon surveillance state society like Article 12. Please create a way to see it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Straight Talk Host, Jim Babka, covers Real ID

REDUX: Texas identity and border travails c/o Real ID Act

TOP STORY c/o IndianCountryToday 

Human Rights situation dire as Border Fence intrusions create hardship for Native Texan Tribes
“The construction of the Texas-Mexico border wall has created irreparable and continuous harm through its racially discriminatory effects on the communities that live alongside the southwestern border of the U.S.,” Dulizky and Tamez write in the 134-page document filed with CERD Secretary Gabriella Habton. “The wall has abrogated these communities’ property and land rights, equal protection rights, indigenous rights, and right to juridical personality, and has severely prevented their full enjoyment of fundamental basic rights as guaranteed in the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.” The community’s minimum demand is that the wall be taken down, that the lands be returned to all impacted people, that the president of the United States formally apologize to the communities affected by the wall, and that a Truth Commission be formed to investigate the injustices and perform necessary redress, restitution, and reparation."

Here is second life for news that matters:

Houston pilot program flirts with UK- styled "Big-Brotherish" personal fingerprint scanners

Bexar county students may be tracked with RFID tag embedded in student IDs

League of Women Voter-TX Encourages All Registered Voters to Shape the Future of Texas

Revolt Against Vaccines Leads to Mass Exodus From Texas Colleges


‘Baby steps’ to US domestic agents on Canadian soil, some data sharing

EU Plans to Impose National Internet IDs

WHEN DO I NEED TO SHOW POLICE MY ID? Watch this short video.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

REDUX: Mass Surveillance of Occupy Movements, RFID News and more DRONES

BTC - Is your State or City approved for UAV drones? If so there's more you can do about it than you may have thought!

" Does your local police department own and operate a drone? 
EFF would also like your help. In the coming days, we’re going to announce a crowd-sourcing campaign aimed at finding out as much information as possible on each law enforcement agency’s use of drones and how citizens can voice their concerns to their local governments. 
Right now, if you have any information on how your local law enforcement plans to use drones, email 
You can get this information by calling your local police department."
SEE ALSO: EFF issues appeal/lawsuit to local governments to institute privacy protections

Here is second life for news that matters: 

The US Government Is Running A Massive Spy Campaign On Occupy Wall Street
Commentary: Mass Surveillance: No Need for Debate?

Florida Congressman Demands Gov. Rick Scott "Immediately Suspend" Voter Purge

MAP: Where E-Verify is currently mandatory or not-so mandatory

CDS Monarch adds biometric authentication to electronic medical record access

Social Security Administration adds Precise ID authentication to online statements (NSTIC)

RFID enables brands to link users' real-life experiences with Facebook (NSTIC)

New Hampshire State-to-Federal data privacy bill faces veto threat from Governor

HB 1549 intended to stop national ID systems from prevailing in New Hampshire 

BTC -  The hourglass is running short on sand, as HB 1549 sits on New Hampshire Governor Lynch's desk under threat of a veto. The Live Free or Die State is typicallyknown for it's resistance to federal mandates. However, late security concerns raised by the Governor  are putting a shadow on a comprehensive ban of New Hampshire's participation in federal database aggregates.

The matter is another case of an ongoing contest between security interests and the public's 4th amendment right to prevent unnecessary prying from an advancing US Database State. The bill authored by Rep. Seth Cohn  was intended to stop private records from being shared with national federal databases, specifically USCIS' E-Verify database online.

"We passed the bill. [The] Governor's veto override is to use language as passed or kill [the] bill. [There are] long odds to override, but I will try,"says Rep. Cohn.

The bill's passage, past the point of conference, now hangs in the balance of State-to-Federal interests. Some of the conflict points are over a DMV requirement to provide photo ID of missing minors to federal systems, credible threat sharing with Secret Service and driver registration records being entered into the National Crime Information Center or the NCIC, an FBI driven database.

SATIRE: US Census Bureau Overcounted by 36,000

NY legislature introduces Real Names Internet bill c/o Chinese policy laundry

 c/o Business Insider
"Readers of this blog are already quite familiar with so-called “Real ID” or “Real Name” rules in China. These refer to regulations mandating that certain Net activities, such as posting to and writing comments on a microblog, are only done by folks who have duly signed up with the platform operator using legal ID (i.e. a China ID card).
[Now try] The draft legislation, called the “Internet Protection Act,” is actually the brain child of Republican lawmakers in the New York State legislature." 

RELATED NEWS: Indias national ID NADRA adds new rule for Hindu marriages