Saturday, October 20, 2012

REBUTTAL - Louisiana residents do not have amnesia

ATTN: Bill Decker & The Advertiser Staff  at Gannett Co.

This is a rebuttal response to the anonymous Opinion article posted at The Advertiser titled “ .. when Real ID becomes a reality.” 

The author suggests to the reader in this text that the federal government has it all thought out. It’s all been decided. Louisiana residents, after passing legislation resisting a federal mandate should just go ahead and submit because’s 2012 and it will be inconvenient?

The people of Louisiana already passed their law against Real ID, pre-empting their fight with City Hall. I believe the idea in the minds of locals was to never submit to this federal mandate. Louisiana residents made their case strong enough to help settle it in the minds of DHS that Real ID is an unenforceable national ID card.

If you fly out after 2013 there are lots of TSA concerns: X-Ray body scanners, theft, needless groping of your genitals, and abuse of authority at airport checkpoints.  The author suggests a “Papers Please clause” bow on the present of humiliating abuses in exchange for admission to fly on a commercial airline. 

There’s no way for the reader to interpret this as “ostensibly benevolent government”.  

The good news is, AAMVA, a public-private highway safety agency, is not your government. AAMVA is a private corporation who exists solely to commission drivers with identity articles for profit. They come up with their own battery of regulations. They have their own lobby and their own entitlement issues with the American tax dollar.  

Data retention is not the job of AAMVA, but they will make a lot of money if it becomes their contract job to do so.  Such is the case in the sale of CDL license records for ~ 3 cents a record to commercial vendors and the sale of motor voter roll logs to partisan campaigns. Indeed, it says plainly on the website they are an Information Clearinghosue.  They will sell you information if you want to buy it. How the taxpayer makes it their job is through reprobate laws like Real ID. 

Louisiana residents don’t have amnesia. The legislature doesn’t need a change of heart. They are not going to subvert their own laws so they can kao tao to DHS now. Residents will either get a passport or they will give their travel business to someone else who won’t put their hands in their pants.

FYI ...there are great commuter transport consultants in Alaska waiting to take your calls now!

1000 words on HSBC and your DNA

BTC -- This gem trickled down from RFID Insider .

HSBC has no problem funding genocides or corroborating in global economic scandals like LIBOR.

Here's what they're doing now.

King Cty [WA] usingPolice Using Portable Fingerprint Scanners If You Look Suspicious

c/o Govt. Slaves c/o Seattle Times

"Even in the increasingly computer-reliant field of law enforcement, the MorphoIDent portable fingerprint scanner is being hailed as “the next step in helping to fight crime” by King County Sheriff Steve Strachan. The device allows cops in the field to take two images of a suspect’s fingerprints, which are transmitted, via Bluetooth, to the deputy’s in-car computer, where they are then run through King County’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), a database of more than 700,000 prints taken in the county."


Is an EU identity card on the cards?

BTC - An update from No2ID [UK] says that STORK was exchanged for this newer program, SSEDIC here.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

REDUX Sunday Edition: Real ID recap

ZILLAMOD – Google suddenly had invisible coding issues today.  An ampersand in my text id not appear anywhere in the text results.  I was not able to post normally on Blogger...  BeatTheChip on a Real ID news round up Sunday Edition.

So I posted at my overflow blog Godzilla Government. 

REDUX International Edition: RFID at US Schools, NSTIC, Biometric Policy Laundering

BTC -- This week was a big week for RFID and biometric identity deployment, especially in US schools.

More internal fissures reveal themselves in NIST's public accountability structures from an ongoing IDESG dialogue for the NSTIC pilots programs including the CDSII [Cross Sector Digital Identity Initiative].

Finally, evidence of online ID policy laundering unfolds as several nations are under governance influence to incorporate mass adoption of biometric ID credentials as national identity articles for banking.

Here's a history brief on where biometrics got it's start, who is martialing online ID authentication markets in world banking and the role global banks play in the managing the global population growth.

Here is second life for news that matters:

AUSTRALIA - NFC [RFID] to stick finger in biometrics banking: Expert

See also: Biometrics in the Banking Industry



PAKISTAN - "ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior, Rehman Malik on Tuesday directed that Red Zone area be extended till Embassy Road immediately and its entry be allowed only to authorize persons having valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) which will be verified on the spot."

UK - They are currently working with EU standardization for privacy here.

UAE - They've already moved their national ID program to a Stasi-like program, reporting their neighbors if they are suspected of being non-citizens - 52,000 children were enrolled in the last 33 days. "The National Identification Authority, (Nida) has argued the public to visit their registration stations to make sure of their names and register objections against those thought to be non citizens" 




BTC COMMENTS - "... parents are the hidden accountable parties here. The voices of the parents are not being represented in this article. They vote, pay the taxes and can come to the aid of their children's privacy. However, here the burden of resistance is squarely on minor children who have no rights in that system. That's why they are just a few shaves above cattle management. If you want to hear the complicity or the resistance go to where people are either giving up their power or fighting for their kids future with less e-surveillance."
Other Alt News Commentary by Susanne Posel -
Student RFID Chipping Conditions American Youth to Accept Government Surveillance