Friday, September 2, 2011

HB 109 - [FL] Issuance and Renewal of Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards

c/o Floridians Against Real ID

"We are working on a Senate companion. Thanks to everyone that has promoted this bill in concept, and also Rep. Ahern for filing it. PLEASE ask your legislators to co-sponsor it, and let your neighbors know relief is on the way- but only if it passes. The current law affects Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike- it is not the usual partisan issue."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Missouri rally against E-Verify requirement for businesses

Savannah Woman told she needs Proof of Marriage to get Driver's License

REDUX: Domestic surveillance a key legacy of 9/11

c/o MontrealGazette
"Thanks to new laws and technologies, authorities track and eavesdrop on Americans as they never could before, hauling in billions of bank records, travel receipts and other information. In several cases, they have wiretapped conversations between lawyers and defendants, challenging the long-established legal principle that attorney-client communication is inviolate."

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