Friday, January 11, 2013

IdleNoMore video alert discloses Canada's EDL encryption lapse

Jan 11th logo for Intl. Day of Action  #J11
"Have you seen my mom? Her face looks like yours."
BTC - Today marks Idle No More's global solidarity action touching the blogosphere and the known wired universe. Among the outspoken, were Anonymous members who released a video statement on the Harper government's actions with mass land negotiations without meeting with the Indigenous nations living on those lands.

While this matter is about very serious massive civil disruption in social contracts set between indigenous tribes and the Canadian government, the generational impacts, the rifts and new growth in the native rights movement, the Anons took a hairpin turn. They dotted this matter with news about slipshod encryption of RFID tags in Canada's Enhanced Drivers Licenses. It warned all Canadians carrying the EDL on the move from Quebec and British Columbia. [News byte starts at 2:12]

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The 5-11 Campaign endorses Texas bills to ban RFID in schools


Recent legal action to prevent the expulsion of Andrea Hernandez from NISD magnet school, John Jay High, was struck down in federal court today. 
“The federal ruling really galvanizes an urgency to further support for [Texas State] legislations [HB 101, HB 102]. Texas students can be served by the rule of law if we push for laws that land on their side. Students should have an option to learn without suffering location and data surveillance by public school administrators. We thank The Rutherford Institute for their vigilance and legal support on this issue and will continue to support the efforts of Jerry Lynn Ward, the Hernandez’ attorney.”  
- Sheila Dean, at The 5-11 Campaign.

There are a variety of ways to demonstrate support for Texas bills to ban RFID in public schools.

Write or call Rep. Lois Kolkhorst’s office to document support for HB 101, HB 102.

Call/ Write/Contact Texas Governor Rick Perry to support for Rep. Kolkhorst’s bills,  HB 101 and HB 102.

Continue to thank and support The Rutherford Institute’s legal defense team assisting the Hernandez family in seeking decency and educational freedom. Subscribe to their news and action alerts. Ask them about ways to support Andrea today.

Stay connected with activists on the ground to support, inform, resist and to assist students contending with education privacy threats. Invasive tracking technologies like RFID were pushed on Andrea Hernandez without parental consent. Her parents got involved. Grouping together and searching for local opportunities to organize always helps increase people power in communities. Why just stay home, if you want to be part of the solution?

Stay up to date and spread the word. Tell media, citizen media, social networks and those close about the dangers of RFID and of Andrea Hernandez' struggle to retain her rights against digital surveillance.

 You can stay on top of news RFID updates provided here at

Monday, January 7, 2013


BTC -  Search Engine Watch's, Kristine Schachinger, is lighting up Twitterlogues with searing analysis of NSTIC's use and scope as public controls.  Most of the contest boils down to unpacking the White House program's "myth"tique.

Read her reasons here: 

The NSTIC: Myths, Misnomers, and What About SEO?

Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

DIY Government:  There are 2 NSTIC public input advantages.

You can:
Display dissent live in Phoenix, AZ Jan 11th at IDESG  
OR  Show up to a seemingly more neutral symposium where consent, privacy and scale gets discussed, Jan. 16th 

Here is second life for news that matters: 


New Mexico Op-Ed "Real ID Act step down slippery slope" 

"Measure written in part to stop foreign terrorists, but 25 states have rejected it so far"

Legislators ask to fortify NH privacy laws

W.Va. in small crowd in compliance with Real ID  (Surprise AP coverage!)

Your Say: 'Real ID' useless to curb terrorist threat - USA Today

Hamilton County (TN) to take part in REAL ID pilot program

NCTC - The NSA's newest database darling sitting out in Utah collecting...everyone.

Julia Angwin, for WSJ's What They Know, unpacks the NCTC for NPR listeners. She cites more direct research here.

EmptyWheel.Net on Brennan's appointment to the CIA
"I’m actually far more worried about Brennan’s control over other programs, particularly profiling Americans (though NCTC owns much of that task now). Remember, in addition to having ties to torture, Brennan was in charge of profiling for Dick Cheney’s illegal wiretap program. And he’s the guy who decided it’d be great to give the NCTC unfettered access to any federal database. This man loves data mining, and we should expect to see more of it from the CIA."
India decides against their NCTC after all.

The US will understand that imitation is not always flattering.

A late game for RFID advisories in 2012

Recapping RFID current events in 2012 

BTC - It has been a long year filled with ceaseless surveillance onslaughts driven by NATO, the security industrial complex and the US government.  RFID, a controversial radio frequency microchip known for its broadcast surveillance ability, had fallen unnoticed by major media in recent years.  2012 saw a resurgence of RFID in the public sphere of influence and corresponding opposition flowered later in the year.