Thursday, December 9, 2010

WA State: "No way" to compliance scope creep of Real ID

State officials "unclear" what being out of compliance on REAL ID means

c/o Seattle PI - Chris Grygiel

Come May of next year, Washington state will purposely be out of compliance with the federal government's "REAL ID" program for enhanced security driver's licenses which will be required by the Homeland Security Department for travel.

What that means is "anybody's guess," state lawmakers were told Wednesday.

In 2007 the state Legislature passed a law saying Washington wouldn't create a new driver's license unless Uncle Sam picked up the tab and privacy concerns were resolved.


I can see why Washington State is truly confused over terms of federal compliance. They adopted the Enhanced Drivers Licenses. [What more do ya want, Feds?]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

REDUX: Wikileak's vs. EU Sexx Laws, more redacted record dumps

BTC --  Nothing has been as entertaining to watch for absurdity as charges were progressed to arrest Julian Assange, Wikileak's founder, for violating Swedish sex laws when "the condom broke".  

For news analysis,  Mr. Beck.

Wikileaks may equate the PENTAGON PAPERS v. 3.0  Assange's legal team threatens to "power leak" all over the world wide web if he is harmed or killed.  For instance, The Mexican Cables: "Why is this stuff secret?"

Here's second life for news that matters:

Government forced to release thousands of seriously redacted documents about domestic spying

The CIA: A Law Unto Itself

GOP wants photo IDs for N.C. voters

Lawmakers call on TSA to release X-ray inspection records

WAL-MART CLEARANCE: DHS gets to "message" shoppers

UK DNA profiles of innocent citizens on police databases to be destroyed

Web Advertisers fear Do Not Track policies 

The No fly zone: TSA case on ID to fly taken up in New Mexico

UPDATE via Twitter

Phil Mocek's trial delayed to 9 a.m. Thurs. 12/9 in #ABQ. What is the #TSA trying to hide?

c/o The Alibi
Phil Mocek's trial in Bernalillo County Metro Court tomorrow might be the first of its kind in the country. He was arrested after refusing to present identification to the Transportation Security Administration. Mocek's case may be the first time someone has been arrested or charged with a crime after trying to travel by plane without showing ID.  
He'll will be driving—not flying—from his hometown of Seattle to the Duke City for the trial.