Friday, June 27, 2008

ANSWERS: HR 2593 - The Borderlands Conservation and Security Act of 2007

Long before I knew of the problems of Real ID, Raul Grijalva had written and collected co-sponsors of a bill to repeal Section 102C of the Real ID Act.  The Real ID Act has created insane-making amounts of misery for border residents trying to live their lives peacibly at the Texas-Mexico border.

Grijalva's bill HR 2593 a.k.a. as The Borderlands Conservation and Security Act is a political work of diplomatic art.  As my political education continues,  I see the moderation and sobriety in this bill which seeks to achieve what so many have failed at: an agreed direction on border securities and controlling illegal immigration.   Regulating the US-Mexican border is a nearly impossible issue; being able to please anyone regarding the work is naive.  The word "challenging" is an understated description of the pitfall laden political traps set for ANYONE attempting to decide on this issue.  May the compassion of the heavens be with the Rep. Grijalva and his 49 co-sponsors with a set face to repeal the Real ID Act, Section 102C.

We here at salute you.  It takes brave people to stand up to DHS and the Bush junta.  It's tough to negotiate with dictators.  We stand with you.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

36 Federal Laws Waived by DHS

In April the Department of Homeland Security waived the following federal laws to expedite construction of a 30 foot border wall fence to the US and Mexico. The Real ID Act gives discretionary authority to Secretary Chertoff  to waive the following acts.

The National Environmental Policy Act
The Endangered Species Act
The Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly referred to as the Clean Water Act)
The National Historic Preservation Act
The Migratory Bird Treaty Act
The Clean Air Act
The Archelogical Resources Protection Act
The Safe Drinking Water Act
The Noise Control Act
The Solid Waste Disposal Act, as amended by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Acr
The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
The Archaelogical and Historic Preservation Act
The Antiquities Act
The Historic Sites, Buildings, and Antiquities Act
The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
The Farmland Protection Policy Act
The Coastal Zone Management Act
The Wilderness Act
The Federal Land Policy and Management Act
The National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act
The Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956
The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
The Adminsitrative Procedure Act
The Otay Mountain Wilderness Act of 1999 Sections 102 (29) 
Section 103, Title I of the California Desert Protection Act
The National Park Service Organic Act
The National Park Service General Authorities Act
Sections 401(7), 403, and 404 of the National Parks and Recreation Act of 1978
Sections 301(a)-(f) of the Arizona Desert Wilderness Act, The Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899
The Eagle Protection Act 
The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
The American Indian Religious Freedom Act
The Religious Freedom Restoration Act
The National Forest Management Act of 1976
The Multiple Use and Sustained Yield Act of 1960

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Views from DHS Insiders ; 5-11 Campaign Press

Do you see the hidden irony in Jim Toroks artwork? 
*L -I-A-R

Does this sentiment look familiar?  DHS is telling you "Things are okay."  

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Homeland Security is notorious for adding a "for your security" claus right before they strip you of some element of freedom.  Usually these are freedoms you actually need to go about your natural way of life as an American.  The corresponding sentiments from DHS ring to the tune of, "Things will be more secure - more okay- if we do it this way."

Bad news kids : 48 states went for the Federal Grants for Real IDs.   Part of the conditions for accepting federal monies is that the States are in full submission to the Real ID implementation policies. They accepted the "okay-ness" of Real IDs for your state.  Again - this happened while you were going on with your life.  We have a high maintenance government who is behaving badly.

You can ask your state to reject the federal funding for Real Ids.

Jim Harper, a DHS insider explains his point of view:

The blogging friends of the DHS deliver a positive report on the "effectiveness" of carding flyers at airports (6/23):

Way to go? I'm curious about the 20 people who didn't get to fly.  Were they bad people or did they just insist on invoking their civil rights on not having to show their papers to fly. For those who visit the link here you will see some of the responses people left.  Among the gems (typically from Anonymous posters) :

"If they get a pat-down and bag check, who cares if they're on their way?  This is the point you continually ignore as you lie to us about the "supposed" security this nonsensical policy change provides.  In fact, you know as well as we do that this new policy does nothing more to make anyone safer, and by diverting resources from things that WOULD make us safer, like screening cargo, actively makes us less safe."

Missouri:  A reluctant target for Real ID implementation  

Missouri is the first stop for the Real ID electronic network in America.   Missouri is not so enthusiastic about the $17 million  development of AAMVA's Real ID hub,  but they still get to wear the"guinea pig"name tag for this development.  Whoopee. Yay.

Missouri Rep. Jim Guest, head of Legislators Against Real IDs,  will be speaking on Derry Brownfield's show, July 3rd - 10:00 AM (CST) about what an electronic hub in Missouri means for the rest of the US .  You can catch the show online at  

DHS also passed out $1.2 million in government cheese to states Florida, Indiana, Nevada, and Wisconsin willing to road test Real ID's.  Nevada and Wisconsin fought against allowing state funding for the implementation of Real IDs.  Florida and Indiana have not filed any resistance whatsoever in the development for Real ID's.   

Other "5-11"end states are Washington and North Carolina.

What does it mean to be "5-11"ened?  Please check out Carol Broulliet's radio program, Questioning War, Organizing Resistance - Hour 1: Katherine Albrecht &  Jim Guest ,  Hour 2 : 5-11 Campaign speaks  

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


US Supreme Court Shuts Out Environmental Contingency

"We will not sit idly by while our property is seized by the federal government to build an expedient but useless, expensive and potentially damaging wall across the Texas-Mexico border," said coalition president Chad Foster, mayor of Eagle Pass.  "We are determined to stop Secretary Chertoff from acting as if he is above the law."

Texas, USA - Apparently Supreme Court justices are both deaf and blind in the Constitutional review of facts surrounding the border fences in Texas and DHS waivers tied to The Real ID Act of 2005.

AP reports here:

McALLEN, Texas (AP)-- A U.S. Supreme Court decision paving the way for a 670-mile fence along the U.S. - Mexico border drew swift criticism from environmentalists, who promised to make another legal stand in Texas.

The justices' turned down a plea Monday to hear a lawsuit opposing a two mile section of the fence in Arizona brought by the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife.  

The section of the fence in question in that case has already been built and even if the court had taken the case, oral arguments would not have been heard until October.

But Monday's decision could have the most immediate implications for Texas, where opposition has been most widespread and fence construction is expected to begin next month.  :: FULL STORY HERE::

Please hear from the Sierra Club,  the Defenders of  Wildlife and 5-11 Campaign: Texans Against Real ID's  on KOOP's Shade's of Green Show with host Ken McKenzie,  July 3rd  @ 1 PM (CST) .

US Supreme Court Plays "Deaf "  :: FULL STORY HERE:: 

Monday, June 23, 2008

F MINUS: AAMVA Gets ID Hub Contract

c/o Homeland Stupidity Blog

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators received a no bid contract worth millions of dollars to implement a "verification hub" connecting state and federal databases under the Real ID program.

AAMVA, which already maintains a database of commercial drivers in every state, was believed to be the company that would get the contract for the verification hub which, when completed, will allow states to electronically verify documents such as birth certificates and Social Security with other states and with the federal government.

The database begins with a $17 million REAL ID Demonstration Grant awarded to the state of Missouri, which will then pass on that cash to AAMVA to do the actual work of developing the system.  Four other states, Florida, Indiana, Nevada, and Wisconsin, received $1.2 million grants to be the first states to connect to the new database. ::FULL STORY HERE::

BTC Commentary:  AAMVA is now responsible for your SSN# and birth certificates should you surrender them to the DMV for "federal purposes".   You should know at this time you can request a NON FEDERAL ID if you are going in to renew your license.   We also happen to know that AAMVA is a self-professed "information clearinghouse".   Which means they will release the information they have to whomever is buying in BULK.    It's here - THIS is the network that is documented as insecure and prone to identity hacking.  Don't be stupid. Don't give your Social to AAMVA.

Digimarc Has Got Your Money

80 Million Tax dollars is on Digimarc
C/O Trading

More than 58 million has been awarded to support state-specific programs to achieve Real ID material compliance, which involves updating state driver's license and ID card systems with extra security features.  Funding was also provided for the development and testing of the verification hub, which will enable all states to verify applicant proof-of-identity documents.

Digimarc provides products and services that enable the annual production of more than 60 million personal identification documents, including two-thirds of US driver's licenses and IDs for more than 25 countries.


BTC Commentary - Comments? Anyone? Anyone? Post beneath this article.

80 million dollars..  I wonder if someone who loves freedom will just buy out Digimarc's contract, so DHS can go deal with some other issue that directly affects our national security.  That would be, opposed to creating a situation that has the potential to criminalize those without proper  federal IDs.   I know many of  the Free Market minded people have some kind of monetary excesses.  Maybe if we pony up like 120 million collectively and say "DIGIMARC- We'll pay you NOT to do business with DHS on Real IDs,"  - they may just lose interest in Real ID's.  I'm not sure what DHS will do if that happens.  You can call your State's head of Motor Vehicles to find out how much money will be paid from your state to induct you into the New World Order's cattle-log by simply asking for the amount of money going to Digimarc.  If they are not telling, get someone with a Law Degree to ask your question with an Open Records Request-  the paper sodium penenthol for bureaucrats. We have ways of getting the truth.

This is about money, just like every other aspected pursuit of American "happiness".     If we don't want Digimarc doing this - DHS will find some other way.  They will probably outsource the work to somewhere (US  Homeland Security ) for digital securities that require our social security numbers, address, your age,  your gender and other cute things like your hair color, your eye color and a neat 3d  profile of your face. 

No wonder everyone hates us.  Why are we so special?  The street kids in Mumbai don't get a cool 3D face profile.  What the hell is that about?  Some 15 year old constructing our surveillance chips in a clean room somewhere in Southeast Asia has an exam to prep for. Why the hell are we making his life difficult with Real IDs?  HAVE SOME COMPASSION!

The concern here is that Homeland Security  will cut corners here and behave like any other corporatized element of our government.  If it's a boring dirt job that can be done without paying an American a living wage, it will be shipped overseas and someone else will be doing it.  It may be too much to ask Homeland Security to do this themselves.   We do in fact know that the technologies used are being constructed and tested in fun places like Pakistan.   Which may eventually mean that your SSN# , address etc will be handled  by some other person in another country for Homeland Security.   In a rational mind, this defeats the purpose of calling it  "homeland security".  More research is needed on where the inventory of your identity records will land after DHS funnels it through the DMV.  If it's outside the borders of the US, what is the fundamental drive behind you having this national ID?   Ask now before you surrender the keys to your identity to the DMV.