Friday, August 1, 2008

PA Rep. Sam Rohrer on Real ID

Rep. Sam Rohrer, among many declarations against the use of biometrics as relevant ID and the dooming potentials for Big Brother to root down in Real ID, noted that over 30 states in the nation passed resolutions against the implementation of Real IDs.

"The problem with resolutions is that they don't have any teeth," said Rohrer who further urged his business with HB 1351 to move stop the progress of biometric use embedded in Real ID compliant licenses in Pennsylvania.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beat The Chip 2008: Candidates on Real ID

BTC  will be reporting on a series of Presidential Candidates whose position on Real ID is now competetive heading into the November general election.

We have been in touch with Presidential party nominees on how they will represent constituents who want to Beat The Chip by stopping Real ID's and staving off government commandeering of the American identity.  Real ID is a federal to state matter nationwide which falls into the enforcement range of the Department of Homeland Security.

First up to bat at the chance to represent this single issue constituent is Green Party presidential hopeful, Cynthia McKinney.  Stay tuned for more details on her bid to get our vote.

In other news ...  LEWIS BLACK On The Blog Attack

The results are in.  Lewis Black's comeback on Comedy Central's Root of All Evil determined that bloggers are problematic, saying with the slam of a gavel,
"Bloggers should have their fingers ripped off...  and toes ripped off. Then they should have their mouths and asses sewn shut."

Black was challenged on for being recruited by Qorvis Aadvertising to sponsor the Identity Guard product.  Qorvis is the chosen advertiser for DynCorp, Halliburton, and TSA recruiter's Pearson.  We asked  his production company and members of his audience to respond to Black's concession to work with Qorvis.  No reply was ever given, however we are pretty pleased that after being relieved of his Comedy Tour nationwide his overall response about blogging was amusing and entertaining. 

Hey - it's not my fault that blogs are a serious competitor for TV and mainstream media news. Viva the 4th Amendment.  It keeps American life interesting.