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Thursday, March 12, 2009

TX Voter ID & Senator Kirk Watson

Senator Kirk Watson, at approximately 5:00 PM Tuesday night, made the statement that pinned at least myself and some others to their seats for hours to come. But first let me explain the course of events throughout the day.

The grandstanding over voter ID started at roughly 10:15 AM, although some people, like myself, were there at the published time of 9 AM. They"gavelled in". At first chance, Senator VanDePutte demanded to know from Senator Duncan about, what a Dallas Paper called "the conspicuous abscence" of the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott. The whodunit mystery is still unsolved. Abbot may have merely bowed out for self preservation.

The day became night. The night became the wee hours of the morning. The morning became dawn and the following work day. Public input was finally allowed after sunrise at 6:30 AM. After exhaustive expert testimony and inconsiderate grandstanding, one thing became apparent: these Senators, at least the Democrats, were fighting for their stations at the Texas Capitol. Why else would they drone on and on to the behest of reason and leave their constituents and the general public to diffuse out. The length of the proceedings was a disenfranchisement tactic of its own.

I didn't wait. I cashed in my chips at 1:30 AM and left 40 copies of my 2 cents for the Texas Senate in handwritten testimony - bad grammar and all. Filled with run-on sentences so forth and so on. It was a wholly dissatisfying process because if Kirk Watson had not made an attempt to hitch the Real ID to Voter ID, I would have done what Gregg Abbott did and go M.I.A.

Texas doesn't need the federal identity to confirm Texas State identity or identity laws. He was trying to get the Republicans to kill their own bill. Hash it out.. Yes - hash it out amongst yourselves until 10:00 AM and adjourn until Monday the following week - BUT DON'T BRING IN THE FASCIST, EXPENSIVE, F**KING FEDERAL REAL ID!! Kirk Watson mentioned the Carter/Baker bipartisan hitch, however swill and loose in logic, to the Voter ID. Senator Watson, forced the issue and then I had to stay with the other miserable folks in the gallery.

I hate Jimmy Carter right now. I was a four year old when he left office. He seemed like the nice, white peanut farmer from Georgia. That was until I learned he's a globalist, eugenics pacifier nursing up to Bildeburg's think tanks and the New World Order. Carter is also IN FAVOR of Voter ID. The Texas Dems were OPPOSED to Voter ID.

Last night I connected with my inner punk. If I wasn't a respectable citizen I would have found his hypothetical car and written stuff all over it in purple pancake batter. It might have resembled something like YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!! -and - HOW DARE YOU? It's my blog. It's rated R for decision making adults. Pancake batter is better for vandalism. It's 3D after several minutes and the proteins eat into the finish. Don't try this at home...

However, I'm not exactly happy with the Republicans for making this an issue otherwise this never would have happened. However - even if its an obvious Karl Rove move to skew elections to Republican strengths. Who's to say that some of these Republicans won't turn right around and pay Mexicans to vote Republican in the polls. They do stuff like that all the time; because American politics might be dominated by lying dirtbags who only want power for themselves. I might add there hasn't been a dominant criminal prosecution trial for voter fraud in a very long time. They should try to get one without citing arbitrary laws for identity .. I'm just being a person of reason here. Otherwise this was all a waste of time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Zeitgeist: Resource Based Economy

Compliments of friend & activist, Peter Thottam.

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Bottled Text: The TSA oversteps its bounds. Again.

Bottled Text: The TSA oversteps its bounds. Again.

It is clear the Montrose Airport Appreciation day [...] could be a bit of an issue and the TSA suggested local law enforcement could somehow staff the escort necessities on the field. How exactly do you escort a large milling crowd?

Untangling Texas Identity

AUSTIN BTC Commentary :

With most or all of the Texas Legislative spotlight on voter ID, the federal Real ID is in a dangerous position to quietly poison the remainder of the days. While Texas is abiding ever so gracefully with the federal extension to find their way to compliance, DHS is erecting cameras throughout the state. It was only a matter of time before someone pointed out that RFID readers are popping up past the border into Southern Texas, complete with radio promotion propaganda.

A subject raised among Texas activist support groups comprised of civil libertarians, anti- border wall advocates and environmentalists gave rise to a question - how did this wall, complete with expensive surveillance technologies, crop up without due process and public input? Border surveillance compounds with renewed models of the fence are now up for decision making bids. Duncan Hunter's Real ID rider now is the shadowy facilitator creeping around the edges of the fence issue posing as placebo immigration reform.

One question keeps prompting our alert signals: where is the money coming from to do all of this?

While the State of Texas may not have the money and the cities lining the borders even less, it hasn't stopped the DHS from muscling in with voluntary-compulsory mandates on towns to "do this or else" at the expense of cities without notifying the public for input or for budgetary accountability. We checked in with Scott Nicols of No Border Wall Coalition to compare notes as to how I, a blogger in Austin, could wake up and find 10 red light cameras up and down the Guadalupe drag without so much as a notice from the City. Apparently, the DHS feds can give the City an I.O.U. do-it-now-or-else ultimatum. Sometimes they pay them back. In these border towns, often they are left holding the budgetary bag.

Now people are sending me pictures of RFID readers going up at the borders and complaining of radio campaigns to "get you home" to goose public support of ... Enhanced Drivers Licenses?

Why do we need RFID readers anyway? Well, so they can read RFID tags, some in your car and perhaps in your license. While I have been told by border Senator Shapleigh's office that they will stop the push for the Enhanced Drivers Licenses. There were murmurs that the stimulus bill held the federal monetizing power to greenlight Real IDs in Texas at Thursday's TxDOT meeting. All this so Texans can fist bump their way to "coolness" with their toll tags and their dandy surveilled identity cards? "Wow, check out my new government mandated ear tattoo, they branded my left thigh as well!!" - I'm being facetious. This is modern propaganda.


EPIC - On the Dangers of Fusion Centers or Public Data Aggregates