Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Proposed TWIC changes could ease burden on truckers

The return of REAL ID c/o The People's Blog for the Constitution

REDUX: It's all about the kids - RFID at Bonaroo, college location dataveillance

TOP STORY c/o Daily Mail UK

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is spending $1.1 million (£700,000) testing galvanic skin response bracelets to see if they can measure whether students find their teachers engaging.
The move is part of the billionaire’s mission to evaluate and improve the quality of teachers, which has already included controversial initiatives such as fitting classrooms with video cameras.
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Banks and Fiscal Insitutions targeting college student IDs get checked by new PIRG report

University of San Francisco successfully completes SmartPhone-to-SmartKey admission pilot

Eugene,OR School district security breach affects 15,500 students

UNF Residential breach compromises 23K students SSNs, college information security left in the lurch
[Perhaps try a new policy which doesn't require a SSN to turn your neck, Alma Mater.]

Here is second life for news that matters.

GOOD IDEA - Personal, a new data brokerage start up asks before it banks on your data. It's Big Data done right.

AC Entertainment shackles concergoers with RFID bracelets and discount checkpoints at Bonnaroo

VIDEO: Global biometric pushers at World Bank don't trust India's poor with their own cash

Sen. Paul Proposes Bill Requiring Warrants for Drone Surveillance  Use

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Let them be tax refugees" c/o Ted Rall

Posted with Permission of Ted Rall 

REDUX: FAUX ID plans fails Real ID, Immigration stunts & Gitmo Revelations


"Anyone with an Internet connection and $75 to $200 can order their personalized ID card online from such companies as "ID Chief." Buyers pick the state, address, name and send in a scanned photo and signature to complete their profile." 

Here is second life for news that matters: 

Privacy by Design in the era of Big Data gets freaky with a little DNA and some Big Data 

New Joint Panel to Identify Interoperability Issues in Biometric Systems

AP sues NJ police department over Muslim spy data

6 Government[Data] Surveillance Programs Designed to Watch What You Do Online

FTC fines Spokeo for being data brokerage bastards

Why the “Munaf Sequels” Matter: A Primer on FARRA, REAL ID, and the Role of the Courts in Transfer/Extradition Cases

Guantanamo Attorney: Supreme Court's Refusal to Hear Habeas Cases Invalidates Landmark 2008 Ruling

More towards American Foreign Information policy: TruthDig: Leaking War 
NPR's Foreign Policy: Good Leak, Bad Leak & Performance Art c/o BradAss87

NO2iD - "So much for civil liberties – coalition puts ‘a bug in every living room"

Federalist Conference Call on CISPA - [It's like CSPAN debate as radio news, 55 minutes]

West Virgina DMV brokers driver information, cardholders struggle with Real ID