Thursday, July 29, 2010

Four words

"The administration wants to add just four words -- "electronic communication transactional records" -- to a list of items that the law says the FBI may demand without a judge's approval."

- Washington Post

A vacation for this blogger

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About once a year I take a vacation from this blog, usually unsuccessfully, because news crops up and compells me like a possessed person to link action alerts etc. to this netspace.

I don't want to quit.   I just need to come down for a week...

Here's to hitting the reset button on BTC for one week starting today.  

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Beat The

Groups: FBI Surveillance Program Invites Racial Profiling

Groups: FBI Surveillance Program Invites Racial Profiling

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maddow tackles pre-crime and preventative detention

BTC - You can get up to 10 years, subjectively, for pre-crime.

Q: What is wrong with Indiana?

"The Coalition for a Secure Driver's License (CSDL), a Washington D.C. based non-profit, presented its Homeland Security Award to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) at the Government Center Auditorium in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 26, 2010. The awards ceremony was streamed live to all 140 license branches to recognize the hardworking motor vehicle personnel across the state."

BTC -  A: They are one of the few states who enacted the Real ID Act.

Monday, July 26, 2010

REDUX: Second life for WIKILEAKS that matters 7/26

BTC -  It's all about Wikileaks.  Seriously.

Wikileaks case puts focus on digital security challenges

A reading list to help understand Wikileaks’ ‘War Logs’

Trimming the fat:  Inspect the Appropriations bills for bacon?

CLG points out Wikileaks not hip to 9-11 Truth, because they are "annoying".  We made some kind of assertion in that direction.   Doing a combined search for  evil conspiracies, Wikileaks graphics and ball busting here....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Haekeling the Origin of Biometrics

Haekel's Radiolarium illustrations
BTC-   I made a discovery following up on the work of Ernst Haekel.  His study and art revolving around single celled organisms were painstakingly documented in the beautiful film, Proteus.  Haekel's achilles heel in social politics was validating something called "racial anthropology". This is a discipline which teaches the superiority of one human race to another as scientific fact.

This part of Haekel's history is shocking.  His later ideas in naturalist philosophy steered into the notion that all of nature is inextractable from diety or "God" concept, including all mankind.  However, I seem to recall the Hindu's having a similar belief but managing to hang onto the caste system.  The unfortunate truth is that Haekel's take on racial politics influenced some of the greatest ethnic cleansing despots in world history.

This throwback along with other observations make me uneasy.  I recently noticed a pattern with a lot of socio-political theory; which has pitched America right back into the late 1880's and 1890's - anti-trust, monopolies, Muckracking [whistleblowing] journalism, the critical mass adoption of more technology, entertaining world policing, pre-world war conditions and the Wall Street collusion with the Senate branch of the government.

From wikipedia's entry on scientific racism : 
Like scientific racism, eugenics grew popular in the early 20th century, and both ideas influenced Nazi racial policies and Nazi eugenics. In 1901, Galton, Karl Pearson (1857–1936) and Walter F. R. Weldon (1860–1906) founded the Biometrika scientific journal, which promoted biometrics and statistical analysis of heredity.Charles Davenport (1866–1944) was briefly involved in the review. In Race Crossing in Jamaica (1929), he made statistical arguments that biological and cultural degradation followed white and black interbreeding. Davenport was connected to Nazi Germany before and during World War II. In 1939 he wrote a contribution to thefestschrift for Otto Reche (1879–1966), who became an important figure within the plan to remove populations considered "inferior" from eastern Germany.

Even some fashionistas started to get wise.  

CNBC: Big Brother, Big Business

BTC - CNBC's David Faber produced Big Brother, Big Business in 2006 right around the time FISA and other US tech capacities to surveill the public became apparent.

To date, it's one of the only mainstream media releases of it's kind which convey's the role of Big Tech in the surveillance industrial complex.  If you've been catching up on the digest of information released via  WaPo's TOP SECRET AMERICA, some of this starts to look glaringly familiar.

Real ID in headlines, Florida, Delaware

Real ID Act stymies drivers

"Although the Real ID Act is the law of the land, opposition is building in Congress. HR 3471 and S 1261 each call for repeal of the Real ID Act.
Today, the Real ID Act is still the law. Florida and a dozen other states have adopted it. They are in a minority as the rest of the states have prohibited it or, are considering such action."
*BTC -S 1261 is the PASS Act  - or the Real ID Act with the strict edges knocked off.  Most of the data surveillance structures stay intact.  HR 3471 is Rep. Cohen's bill which repeals Real ID and replaces it with a negotiated rulemaking process.

Long lines afflicting Delaware DMV's, delays
"There are only a small handful of state lawmakers who remember the late 1960s, when the General Assembly raised the cost of a license tag by 50 percent -- and irate drivers promptly voted a bunch of them out of office that November.

Two to three hours of waiting at the DMV is unacceptable and a misuse of government facilities. Fix it fast. Remember the 1960s."