Thursday, November 11, 2010

REDUX: 11.11 RFID tagging of the dead, Rob "Kall"s out think tanks for role in surveillance

Here's second life for op-ed news that matters:

WSJ: Watchdog Planned for Online Privacy

Surveillance State USA; Wholesale War on Dissent In America
-- Rob Kall, Editor in chief at OpEd news dumps on "right wing" think tanks for playing an intelligence   role in PA activist surveillance.  I just wished he named names.

MORE Penn State drama: Big Brother caught surveilling tweets
[Ok. But is it still surveillance when your frenemies do it?]

POST MORTEM: Using RFID to honor the dead?
Whatever - if it's really RFID and bluetooth it will track the living making visits to the gravesite.
It's sad... so sad.

Operation Defuse featured on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory on TruTV
*check your local listings!*
"Police State" – NEW!
Premieres Fri, November 12 at 10 PM
It's been said the government has a plan to declare martial law and round up millions of United State citizens into concentration camps. Jesse may have found a conspiracy in plain sight as he investigates the proliferation of law enforcement Fusion Centers around the country. And they may be connected to hundreds of detention centers ready to accept prisoners at the stroke of a Presidential pen. TV-PG-L
HHS says patient database centered on "Public choice"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

REDUX: blowing the whistle, privacy showdowns and Gold Stars

BTC -  There's still an inherent breakdown between what we think is serviceable law and what the federal government believes is good law or even just.. law. Laws which give States money and Gold Stars for Real ID benchmark compliance are still earning scathing public contempt, unless, as Lady Axxiom says, its called anything other than Real ID.

Here is second life for news that matters:

The pathetic new normal includes more TSA search and siezure of your private parts.

CIA's Darth Panetta to Wikileaks "Send in the probe!"

BAIT & TACKLE: What's the right use for net neutrality in the Congress? 

Congress prepare for digital privacy showdown

Facebook responds to User ID controversy 

ZOGBY POLL: 93% of Americans want control over their healthcare records
LISTEN:Teleconference with Patient Privacy rights

California Privacy legislation &  Library patron lawsuits arise 

Google privacy logs deleted  @declanm

MAGID: User Friendly Guide to Privacy on Facebook for families out now

MOVEMENT: Tell airlines "We Won't Fly" Nov.24th

BTC - According to grassroots airline boycott organizer James Babb, recent TSA patdowns include "pushing into your testicles" and "squeezing your breasts".  These accounts are some of the reasons why he and his family are telling airlines "We Won't Fly".

In instances like this, one always has more questions than answers as to why the feds can't just focus on actual terrorist threats vs. invasive national dragnet strategies. If you are already at the ENOUGH level, you may be considering an airline boycott this season by opting to drive or use alternate transport.

More independent grassroots groups, just like We Won't Fly[.com], have been springing up around the country since the UPS terror threat.  Despite coverage in national media, there are still transport workers and passengers who don't understand the risks involved with using the virtual strip search machines installed in airports.

We interviewed James Babb about his approach to an airline boycott this Thanksgiving and how We Won't Fly is working to inform others about common privacy concerns.  [Witness the entrepenurs at work!]

REDUX: Jesse Ventura, Americas new Lucha Libre

BTC - There are going to be a few people who will throw garbage at me for giving this material second life. I don't write for them anyway. You can forget any apology.

Today I'm writing for people who attended a NASCAR dirt race, watched a WWF match or grew up on the Dukes of Hazzard or who attempted a renactment of these scenarios in their backyard. I was flipping through the TV channels when my eyes and ears drifted magnetically to the familiar sounds of Jesse Ventura's voice - a combination of pouring gravel and ..a mountain lion. Jesse Ventura as a Governor of the great state of Minnesota should be enough to make him credible. However, I think his ex-wrestler cred is really what is still carrying him.

As cynicial as you can become, you know America needs a superhero. The current generation, the ones who are losing their rights and their hair, need the power of his brand of Lucha Libre to go the distance in an endurance run to save our rights. It creates courage to see The Body take political risks we would not, tread where we would never go in our right mind, displaying mind splitting truth about our government. He shows us the human faces inside the velvet glove doing their best to beat us out of our lunch money and our freedom.

Jesse Ventura beats Chuck Norris 10-to-one as a political action figure.

Jesse Ventura is not Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. He's not Chris Matthews or Wolf Blitzer. He's not Alex Jones.  He's not Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow. He's not John Stewart or Bill Maher; and he's not your dad.  He's Jesse "The Body" Ventura and I watched him put "the best-of-the-best" aspiring white collar criminals in training at Goldmann Sach's on the ropes and try to tapp out! NOTHING beats that to date for politi-tainment.

After that I felt better about calling a spade, a spade. I just needed a role model. Someday I want to be like Ventura. When it's time to jump in the ring, armed with only my body, my wits and some quaking frenemies, I'll donn some lycra tights and resolve to take on the Bosses at the 112th Level of Congress.

Which is why I went on a hunt looking for that episode online and found his previous work: A 6 episode series on Big Brother; see below. Now all I need is a wrestler name.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Clipper Card has some worried about privacy issues

SF Examiner

As the use of the Clipper card increases, what many people may be unaware of is that technology in the card allows local transit agencies to collect data on a passenger’s whereabouts and travel habits from a chip in each card.

The Clipper payment system, which rolled out on a limited basis in 2002 as the Translink card, is being used at an increasing pace. In San Francisco in October, less than 25 percent of Muni riders had loaded their monthly Fast Pass onto a Clipper Card. By the end of October, that number had increased to 43 percent with an aggressive campaign being rolled out by the MTC.

As riders swipe the cards to ride buses or trains, a unique identification number is logged. Passengers who register their card with Clipper — a process that is optional but offers perks — have personal information linked to the data that is collected at each fare gate they enter.